Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20 May 2023 Written Story Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Manjiri expressing that Mahima has witnessed her own benefit. Mahima argues that if Manjiri’s son can have an opportunity, why can’t her son have the same chance? She suggests that they should all stay together as a happy Indian family. Manjiri hesitates but Mahima insists that since they have both lost their children, they should do whatever they can for the ones they still have. Manjiri agrees, acknowledging that if they truly want what’s best for their children, then Shefali is also their daughter. Mahima asserts that she is willing to do anything for their children.

Meanwhile, Abhir tends to Abhinav’s wounds and offers him water. Abhinav tearfully apologizes, expressing guilt and stating that he will always protect Abhir as he is his whole life. Abhir reassures him, affirming that he knows Abhinav’s importance to him. Abhinav continues to cry and embraces Abhir, apologizing once again. Abhir praises his innocence and affectionately acknowledges him as his best son. Akshu, observing the scene, smiles and informs Abhir that his friend is looking for him to play chess. Abhir advises Abhinav to call him if their mother scolds him, then shares a smile with him.

Later, Manjiri informs Abhi about the situation. Concerned, Abhi asks about Abhir’s well-being. Manjiri assures him that Abhir is fine, but emphasizes that they cannot afford to be careless when it comes to Abhir, especially considering his heart condition. She believes they should take care of him themselves, pointing out that Abhi is a doctor and knows how to provide the necessary care. Abhi agrees, acknowledging that if anything were to happen to his son, his medical expertise would be rendered useless. He concludes that Abhir should stay with them if the other family fails to exhibit responsible behavior.

Unbeknownst to them, Aarohi overhears their conversation. She disagrees with their plan, believing that they cannot simply dismiss Akshu and Abhinav’s ability to handle Abhir. Aarohi notices Akshu tending to Abhinav’s injuries, and the song “Dil Nai Lagta” plays in the background. Aarohi proceeds to dress his wounds and tenderly holds his face. Abhi defends Akshu and Abhinav, asserting that children often have accidents and their parents are responsible. Manjiri continues to voice her concerns about Abhinav’s capabilities as a parent, emphasizing that Abhir is their heir and requires extra care due to his heart condition. Abhi eventually agrees with Manjiri, stating that Abhir should be with them if the other family fails to demonstrate responsibility.

Meanwhile, Raghav urges Muskaan to come inside and talk. Muskaan explains that she came on behalf of Neela, who couldn’t make it due to Abhinav’s accident. She confesses that she has feelings for someone else who doesn’t reciprocate, and marrying Raghav wouldn’t be fair under those circumstances. Raghav comments that she could have conveyed this over the phone, to which Muskaan apologizes. Kairav, who has been observing the conversation, approaches Muskaan and admits that he had no trust in the person she liked. Muskaan advises him to stop pitying her and declares that it’s her problem to handle. She expresses gratitude for his support but insists that he remember her as a mountain girl who stayed at his house for a few days. In the midst of their conversation, a biker passes by, prompting Kairav to pull Muskaan. She stumbles and falls into his arms

Abhi pays a visit to meet Akshu, but she quickly dashes out of the house upon seeing him. Locking eyes with her, he questions her presence and asks, “What are you doing here?” In response, she retorts, “I came to check on Abhinav’s hand. How is he doing?” Their gazes linger, and she adds, “When a child falls, it’s not always the parents’ fault.”

Abhi ponders her words and probes further, “So you mean it’s not Abhinav’s fault? Just tell me, did he do the right thing? Abhir has a heart condition. Can you guarantee that this won’t happen again?” Akshu locks her eyes with him once again and firmly states, “He is not an object. He made a small mistake, something any parent can do. He ensured Abhir didn’t get hurt.”

Abhi raises his voice, expressing concern for his son’s safety. They engage in a heated argument. Abhi declares, “I love my son dearly, and I am willing to go to any extent for him. I was being civil, thinking he was safe with you, but clearly, you both are not responsible parents. I will push all boundaries, and don’t blame me later for playing dirty.”

With that, he storms off. Akshu turns around to find everyone watching. Manish urges her to reveal the truth about Abhi’s unexpected visit. Akshu gathers herself and shares, “You know how much Abhinav loves Abhir. He was playing and running with Abhir on his shoulders. He fell but made sure nothing happened to him. I will prove Abhi wrong.” Concerned, Manish questions her intentions, stating that the matter has escalated. He suggests talking to Abhi and Manjiri. Determined, Akshu asserts, “I will confront Abhi. He has made up his mind to play dirty, and I will put an end to the fight he started.

[Episode End]

Precap : Abhir engages in playful antics with Ruhi and Abhi. In the midst of their game, he decides to hide inside a trunk, but unexpectedly loses consciousness. Sensing danger, Abhi swiftly springs into action, hurrying to rescue his friend. Witnessing the incident, Akshu is taken aback and calls out in alarm, “Abhir!”

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