Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21 May 2023 Written Story Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Manjiri advising everyone to let go of their past relationships and focus solely on the bond between father and son. She suggests calling the lawyer to discuss the matter. After catching a glimpse of Aarohi, Manjiri departs. Aarohi kindly brings tea for Abhi, who expresses his gratitude. Akshu, concerned, urges Abhinav to refrain from working excessively. He assures her, “I promise to drive carefully and fulfill Abhir’s needs by earning for him.” Aarohi empathetically shares her perspective, “I can’t bear to see Akshu lose her child. She might have faced a similar situation alone and learned to live again, just as I did. Abhir is her entire life, and if you take that away from her, she will be left with nothing.” Abhi firmly asserts, “She is your sister, and now she is Mrs. Sharma. This is about my son, and I cannot bear the thought of anything happening to him. Please stay out of this.”

Akshu emphasizes the importance of strength, expressing her inability to handle everything alone. She pleads with her partner not to distance themselves or doubt their own abilities. Acknowledging the need for rest, she expresses gratitude that they have taken their medication and advises them to sleep, warning that sleep may be difficult to come by later if they don’t rest now. Abhinav then asks if it would be alright for him to hold Akshu’s hand while they sleep, to which she nods in agreement. He smiles and proceeds to sleep.

As morning arrives, Neela and Muskaan prepare to leave. Akshu questions the necessity of their departure, but Neela believes it’s best not to let relations sour and explains that their bus is scheduled to depart in two hours. Neela adds that she has already bid farewell to Abhir before leaving and they should leave now. Abhinav stops Akshu, while Abhir and Ruhi engage in a game of hide and seek. Manjiri expresses joy in watching them play. Abhir hides inside a trunk, and Abhi searches for the children, unaware of Abhir’s location. He catches Ruhi and playfully laughs, prompting her to request another round with a condition of no cheating. Suddenly, Abhir falls breathless and desperately calls out for his mother. Akshu senses unease and prays, while Abhinav inquires about her well-being, sensing her worry.

Abhi’s anxiety levels rise as he frantically asks, “Where is Abhir? Ruhi, tell me!” Their search for Abhir begins, while Akshu receives a call from Abhi, who urgently requests to speak with Abhir. Assuring him, Abhinav says, “Don’t worry, everything is fine.” Suwarna then asks Akshu to fetch the aarti plate.

Meanwhile, Abhi continues his desperate quest to find Abhir. Suddenly, Abhir’s voice calls out, catching Abhi’s attention. He swiftly turns around and discovers Abhir’s fingers protruding from a trunk. Filled with panic, Abhi rushes to his aid, only to find Abhir unconscious. Worried faces surround them as Abhi checks Abhir’s pulse and expresses concern, “His pulse is very weak; we should take him to the hospital.”

Feeling restless, Akshu ponders, contemplating the departure of Neela and Muskaan. Embracing Neela, she apologizes, “Take care, and I’m sorry for whatever happened.” In the midst of the chaos, Abhi hurriedly leaves his house. Meanwhile, Akshu receives a call from Shefali, causing her to exclaim, “Abhir!” Concerned, Abhinav stops in his tracks as Akshu accidentally drops the phone.

At the hospital, Abhi attends to Abhir, treating him with utmost care. Manjiri expresses her distress, “How did this happen?” Shefali reassures her, saying, “He will be okay.” Overwhelmed with grief, Manjiri prays fervently for Abhir while shedding tears. Aarohi gives instructions to the nurse, and Akshu arrives, rushing to Abhir’s side.

[Episode End]

Precap : Akshu lodges an accusation against Abhi, questioning, “Couldn’t you fulfill your duty for just one day?” In response, Anand urges them not to engage in finger-pointing at this moment, emphasizing the urgency of performing the surgery within the next three hours to avoid losing the patient.

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