Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th May 2023 Written Story Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th May 2023 Written Story Update On

In the latest episode, Surekha inquires Manish about Abhinav’s earning potential to fulfill Abhir’s needs. She wonders if Abhinav can afford a house, car, or treatment at a big hospital by driving a cab. Surekha asserts that Abhinav cannot compete with the Birlas in terms of financial status. She also states that the court would consider upbringing, financial status, and blood relations when deciding custody. Surekha accepts that Abhinav cannot provide a better life for Abhir than Abhimanyu. Meanwhile, Muskaan overhears the conversation.

Muskaan defends Abhinav’s abilities and rebuts Surekha’s comments. She assures Abhinav that he will be able to earn enough for Abhir. Abhinav feels overwhelmed thinking about how he will manage to earn 60 lakhs per month. Akshara is left stunned by the conversation.

As Abhinav starts to lose hope, Muskaan’s encouragement gives him the strength to keep trying. He decides that he will provide a good life for Abhir and refuses to give up. Akshara steps back as Abhinav motivates himself.

Manjiri discusses plans with Abhimanyu to decorate Abhir’s room and eagerly awaits his arrival.

Abhimanyu was contemplating Akshara’s confrontation with him regarding his mockery of her financial status. He expressed to Manjiri that it was premature to plan for Abhir, their child. Abhimanyu raised his concern that if Abhir’s custody was brought before a court of law, they would have to ensure a win in the case. Manjiri reiterated that losing was not an option, and she was willing to take the lead in planning Abhir’s room if Abhimanyu did not wish to. Ruhi asked Abhimanyu whether Abhir would be staying with them, which prompted a confrontation.

Meanwhile, Akshara had a conversation with her lawyer about the Birlas potentially bringing up her history of panic attacks. Akshara’s lawyer commended her for having the courage to talk about her anxiety and panic attacks, as it was a rare trait. Abhinav, on the other hand, longed for Kasauli and wondered when they would return. However, Akshara explained that they couldn’t go back but that Kasauli could come to them upon receiving a message from someone.

Ruhi inquires Abhimanyu about why Abhir is coming to live with them. She reminds him of his promise to always be her father. Abhimanyu is left speechless, not knowing how to respond. Arohi intervenes and scolds Ruhi, telling her to stop asking questions. She makes it clear that no one will provide her with an answer and takes Ruhi away. Abhimanyu is left standing, shocked.

Upon seeing Neelima, Abhinav and Abhir become elated and Goenkas welcome her. Kairav hides from Neelima, and Muskaan notices this. She confronts Kairav, and he explains that Neelima does not like him. Abhinav expresses his gratitude to Neelima for coming and informs her about his first booking. Akshara wishes Abhinav good luck, and he is astonished to learn that Nishtha is his first customer.

Nishtha requested Abhimanyu to settle the cab fare with the driver. Abhimanyu was taken aback when he realized that the driver was Abhinav. While paying Abhinav, Abhimanyu expressed his concern that Abhinav might take Abhir away from him. However, Abhinav asserted that he had every right to be a part of Abhir’s life and had no intention of leaving.

[Episode End]

Precap : Akshara inquires of Abhir why he discarded his shoes into the bin. Abhir responds that he desires to wear the shoes given to him by Abhimanyu. Akshara confronts Abhimanyu about his attempt to purchase Abhir’s affection. Meanwhile, Arohi manipulates Abhir by asserting that Ruhi dislikes it when he spends time with Abhimanyu. In response, Abhir demands that Abhimanyu take him back home.

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