Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th May 2023 Written Story Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Akshu expressing her gratitude towards Abhinav for providing them with a family and a home without any conditions. She acknowledges his efforts and sacrifice for the well-being of their family by putting everything at stake, including his house and business. Akshu clarifies that they have no husband-wife relationship and have always lived as mom and dad. This revelation shocks everyone, and Dadi questions Akshu’s statement. Manjiri demands an explanation from Akshu for ruining their lives and forcing them to lead incomplete lives.

Abhir interrupts the argument and asks why they are fighting. Akshu signals Abhinav, who pacifies Abhir by informing him that they were just having a conversation and not fighting. Manjiri then approaches Abhir, and Akshu embraces her son, expressing her love for him.

Abhinav had set an alarm as Abhir had important tests the next day and needed a full 10 hours of sleep. Abhir asked why he needed so much sleep, to which Abhinav responded that the tests were crucial, and any delay could lead to postponing the surgery. Abhinav instructed Abhir to go to sleep and assured him that they would leave soon. Akshu escorted Abhir to his room, while Manjiri cried in the background as “Lagta hai sab kuch” played. Everyone dispersed, and Abhinav looked at Abhi before leaving.

Akshu gazes at Abhir sleeping soundly and reminisces about the recent arguments that had taken place. Overwhelmed with emotions, she bursts into tears. Mahima speaks about the relationship between two people and the different shades that come with it, while Manjiri urges Mahima to speak her mind clearly, even if it means scolding her. Mahima recalls an incident where she had fought for Parth’s rights and had been countered with the argument that a mother has more right over her child. She questions Manjiri’s double standards and points out that Parth has not been a good husband, leaving Akshu during her time of need and taking Aarohi and Ruhi for granted. Mahima believes that she was fighting for Parth’s right to be a good father, just as Manjiri is fighting for Akshu’s right to be a good mother. Abhinav sits crying, while Akshu comes in and apologizes for hurting both him and Abhir. Manish sits with Abhinav, and Akshu leaves. Manish expresses his gratitude towards Abhinav for his kind gestures towards Akshu and Abhir, but Abhinav dismisses this, stating that he is not a great person, just a simple man who found a family in Akshu and Abhir. The two men hug, and Abhinav cries.

The conversation between Aarohi and Surekha was tense. Aarohi took the blame for something and Surekha suggested that she should just think of herself. However, Aarohi had Ruhi on her mind and was worried about how she would react when she found out that Abhir was Abhi’s son. Surekha tried to reassure her that the family would find a solution, but Aarohi was convinced that there was no chance for her and Abhi to have a relationship.

Surekha ended the call and talked to the rest of the family. She suggested that maybe fate wanted to unite Abhi and Akshu and that they should end the matter. However, everyone scolded her for the idea. Surekha argued that Abhi had only engaged Aarohi for Ruhi’s sake and that Akshu and Abhinav’s relationship was only in name. She believed that if Abhi and Akshu were to unite, Abhinav and Aarohi could move on with their lives.

Manish was left thinking about the idea, while Suwarna went to talk to Akshu. She hugged her and reminded her that in a relationship, both people had equal rights. Akshu acknowledged that they had tried hard to make their marriage work, but Abhir’s illness had put a stop to it.

Abhinav came to talk to Akshu and apologized for the situation. He promised that he would never force their relationship on her and acknowledged that he was sad that the truth had come out. Akshu assured him that she didn’t want to hurt him and promised that she would never step back from their relationship. He lied down to sleep, while she cried. [Episode End]

Precap : Abhi and Akshu are engaged in a heated argument. Abhi asserts his intention to take legal action and challenges Akshu to confront him in court. He declares, “You will face me now, and I will see you in court.”

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