Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th May 2023 Written Story Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The scene opens with Abhi arriving at his house. Akshu questions his unexpected visit, to which he responds by stating his desire to take his son home with him, with their permission of course. In response, Akshu calls out for Abhir, who upon seeing Abhi, exclaims “doc man” and runs away. Akshu stops him and insists that he should go home with his “doc man,” despite his reluctance due to her previous disapproval. After convincing Abhir to change and come back, Akshu allows him to leave with his father. Abhi apologizes to Sharma ji for his lawyer’s discussion of their financial situation, to which Abhinav responds with resilience and strength, stating that they have faced much bigger challenges before. Finally, Abhi remembers Kairav’s words and bids farewell to Abhir.

Manish reports that Abhir was sent by Manish. Akshu claims to have learned from her mistakes, while Abhi believes that blood ties outweigh upbringing and that their upbringing will ultimately triumph. Manjiri feeds Abhir halwa while Aarohi observes. Abhir remarks that it tastes excellent, and Aarohi remarks that Ruhi is at school and won’t disturb them. Abhir responds that he doesn’t find Ruhi to be a bother and that he wants both siblings to be together. Aarohi is concerned about what will happen next. Abhi takes Abhir to his room and tells him that he is unique and that his arrival should be special, just like Ruhi’s. Abhir is pleased with the room, but he requests to see their Shiv ji. Abhi agrees, and they pray to Mahadev. Manjiri is astounded that Abhir is there and Shefali is ecstatic. Manjiri notices Aarohi, but Aarohi leaves.

Abhir notices a punching bag and starts playing with it, causing him to cough. Abhi becomes concerned, but Abhir assures him that he is okay. Ruhi observes their interaction and is upset that Abhir is there. Abhi tells Ruhi not to be upset with Abhir and to be his first best friend in Udaipur. However, Ruhi responds that Abhi is a terrible father and refuses to become friends with Abhir. Aarohi speaks with Surekha on the phone and laments that Abhi has forgotten about Ruhi. Abhir approaches Aarohi and hugs her, saying that he does not want to upset Ruhi and that he is not taking her father away but merely sharing him. He asks Aarohi to speak with Ruhi. Aarohi sees Manjiri and agrees to talk to Ruhi. Abhir professes his love for Maasi and embraces her, causing Manjiri to smile.

Akshu expresses her concern about making the jam favors alone, to which Muskaan offers her help. However, Akshu declines and tells Muskaan to focus on her own job. Suwarna and Dadi come to lend their assistance in setting up the jam business in Udaipur, for which Akshu expresses gratitude. Despite her emotional response, Suwarna tells Akshu to stop and move on. Akshu thinks about telling Abhi to bring Abhir before 6 pm, and when Abhir arrives on time, she feels relieved. However, Abhi does not come inside, which Akshu brushes off. Abhinav reveals that he rented a car and intends to teach Abhir how to live with respect. Akshu wants to restart her jam business, but Abhinav insists that she focus on passing her law exam and becoming Abhir’s mother and lawyer. Akshu thanks Abhinav for being her life partner, and they smile. Abhir mentions the impressive home of the “doc man” with many cars and a waterfall, but he becomes emotional upon seeing the boxing gloves and butterfly. Despite his doubt, Abhir affirms that he is not selfish and is not doing anything wrong.

Akshu observes that Abhi excels in financial stability, but acknowledges that Abhinav possesses the key to happiness. When she witnesses Abhinav meticulously calculating Abhir’s education expenses, Manish commends Abhinav’s bravery, and Suwarna expresses gratitude for having him in their lives. Kairav wonders why Abhinav is not seeking employment to earn points in court, but Dadi reminds everyone that Abhinav is self-sufficient and capable of achieving anything he sets his mind to. However, when Abhinav brings up the need for medical expenses and a bike, which will total to 60 lakhs, Akshu becomes worried about how to arrange the money.

[Episode End]

Precap : Abhinav rented a cab and Nishta requested that he pay the driver. Abhinav went to give the driver money, but then asked for one rupee as a shagun. He explained that since his son, Abhir, is the most precious person to him, he couldn’t possibly forget to give a shagun.

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