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Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th May 2023 Written Story Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Nayantara questioning Kaashvi about her feelings for Arjun. Kaashvi, however, fabricates the truth and denies loving Arjun. Unconvinced, Nayantara persistently urges her daughter to confess her true emotions towards Arjun. Kaashvi eventually succumbs to her mother’s insistence and admits that she has loved Arjun since childhood. She believes that Arjun reciprocates her feelings and is eagerly waiting for his birthday to propose to her. Filled with excitement, Nayantara begins preparing a cake for the occasion.

Meanwhile, Romila and her husband stumble upon the revelation that the store is now registered under Kaashvi’s name. Worried about their future, Romila expresses concern that Kaashvi might eventually take away their house as well. She emphasizes that their son has a rightful claim to their property and urges her husband to put their plan into action. Taking matters into his own hands, he proceeds to make a phone call to someone who can execute their plan.

Later, Kaashvi compliments Nayantara on the beautiful cake and expresses her confidence that Arjun will love it. Suddenly, they receive news of a fire accident at their store, prompting everyone to rush there immediately. In the midst of the chaos, Nayantara becomes anxious, fearing that her daughter Mahima may be trapped inside the store. Determined to find her, she attempts to enter the building. However, her worries are instantly alleviated when she spots Mahima safely outside and embraces her with relief. Arjun is also overjoyed to see Mahima unharmed. Kaashvi, concerned about the fire accident, inquires about the details from Mahima.

In another instance, Samrat instructs Prathyuman to fix the car’s flat tire using a bicycle tire as a substitute. Prathyuman responds by explaining that it is not a feasible solution. Samrat seizes the opportunity to express his negative impression of Mahima, stating that she is impolite and unsuitable for Prathyuman. This unexpected remark confuses Prathyuman, who is taken aback by Samrat’s judgment. Prathyuman clarifies that things are not as Samrat perceives them to be and insists that he has a different perspective on Mahima.

Mahima discovers that her new phone is still inside the store. Realizing it was Prathyuman’s first gift to her, she becomes determined not to lose it. Without hesitation, she rushes into the store, with Arjun following closely behind. Kaashvi attempts to join them, but Nayantara stops her in her tracks. Meanwhile, Romila expresses her satisfaction to her husband, as their plan seems to be going well. She recalls how she cunningly sent Mahima out of the store to purchase paneer. Unbeknownst to Mahima, Chacha has hired men to set fire to the store. Romila shares with her husband their expectations of receiving insurance money, while making sure Nayantara gets nothing.

Relieved to find her phone unharmed, Mahima breathes a sigh of relief and reaches out to retrieve it. However, she suddenly becomes trapped and calls out for help in desperation. Arjun rushes to her aid, assuring her that he will find a way to rescue her. Overwhelmed by the situation, Mahima loses consciousness, but Arjun refuses to give up on her. In a dramatic moment, he manages to save her, accompanied by the title song playing in the background. Kaashvi approaches Arjun, concerned for his well-being, and he requests water from her. Arjun gently sprinkles water on Mahima’s face and urges her to wake up, confessing that he cannot imagine life without her. Miraculously, Mahima regains consciousness.

Nayantara scolds Mahima for venturing into the store, while Kaashvi discerns Arjun’s love for Mahima. Just then, Nitya arrives on the scene and overhears everything. She senses that the incident was no accident but a deliberate act. Gathering the clues, Nitya firmly asserts that someone orchestrated the whole ordeal.

[Episode End]

Precap : Nitya informs Samrat that he is going to be apprehended for setting fire to Sukriti’s store.

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