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Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th May 2023 Written Story Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th May 2023 Written Story Update On

At a traffic signal, Samrat and Nayan come to a halt in their respective vehicles without noticing each other’s presence. A child selling balloons approaches Samrat, requesting him to buy some. Samrat purchases the balloons for 500 rupees and releases them into the sky, bringing joy to the children around him.

Meanwhile, Nayan notices the balloons flying and the children’s excitement. When the traffic signal turns green, they both head to an exhibition venue, where Samrat is welcomed as the chief guest. Nayan observes the crowd and assumes that Samrat must be a special person. She walks in, waving her pallu over him, but accidentally knocks a sindoor bottle from his hands, which lands on her forehead.

As Samrat explores the stalls, Nayan helps Mahima wear their store’s lehenga choli and corrects its low waist. She reminds Mahima that their trademark is elegance, not showiness. However, Mahima’s thoughts are focused on impressing Pradyuman.

Samrat continues to move ahead without noticing anyone at Nayan’s stall, and Nayan returns only after he has left.

As Kashvi strolled into the room, she couldn’t help but compliment Mahima on her stunning appearance. Meanwhile, Romila and her husband made their way over to the neighboring stall and praised its offerings. However, Nayan was quick to defend their own stall, claiming it was the best. Romila made a snide comment about Mahima’s ability to handle her lehenga, suggesting that she might elope with someone to lessen her burden. Her husband quickly reprimanded her for her language.

Romila then proceeded to make derogatory remarks about Kashvi, calling her a bookworm who was desperate to become a civil service officer. Meanwhile, Arjun approached a tarot card reader and asked about his love life. The reader selected a card and informed him that his romantic prospects looked promising, and that his true love was likely nearby. All he needed to do was identify her.

A civil service officer named Divya expresses her gratitude to Samrat for attending an exhibition as a chief guest. She also reveals that she is a big fan of his and remembers all his songs. Samrat, in turn, thanks her for the warm welcome but clarifies that Pradyuman was supposed to be the chief guest, but couldn’t make it due to an emergency.

As the event progresses, a luggage carrying trolley starts moving towards a child, and Samrat quickly takes action to protect the kid. However, before he can reach, a young girl named Kashvi runs and shields the child from harm. Samrat is impressed with her bravery and stops the trolley in its tracks. Unfortunately, during the commotion, the luggage falls on Kashvi, injuring her forehead.

The child’s mother arrives on the scene and thanks both Samrat and Kashvi for their quick thinking and bravery. However, Samrat is quick to point out the mother’s lack of attentiveness and scolds her for not taking proper care of her child. The mother apologizes and leaves with her son, but Kashvi is not impressed with Samrat’s behavior and proceeds to lecture him on the challenges that mothers face while juggling both work and childcare.

Despite initially being defensive, Samrat listens patiently to Kashvi’s lecture and even helps clean her injury. When Kashvi asks why he did it, he reveals that he noticed she was so busy talking about the hardships of motherhood that she had not realized she was hurt. Overall, the incident serves as a reminder to both Samrat and Kashvi that it is essential to be empathetic towards others and try to understand their situations before making judgments.

The fashion show begins with Mahima walking down the runway, as Romila and her husband anxiously await the judge’s response to her dress. They hope that the judge will be impressed and award them a shop in the mall. Meanwhile, Mahima is hoping to catch the eye of Pradyuman and make him fall for her, but he is nowhere to be found.

Elsewhere, Nayan becomes worried when she realizes that some precious sari boxes are missing. Arjun offers to help her search for them and suggests they check the tempo, as the workers may have forgotten them there. When they do, they find the missing boxes, and Arjun reminds Nayan that he had suggested checking the tempo earlier.

As they talk, Arjun expresses his insecurities about feeling left out. His father is a civil servant, his mother was a topper, and even Kashvi is a topper, making him feel like an outsider. Nayan comforts him with some wise advice, and Arjun jokingly asks her to become his mother-in-law. Nayan is taken aback by the unexpected proposal and asks him to clarify what he means.

[Episode End]

Precap : Samrat declares the name of the winner of the shop, and upon hearing his voice, Nayan rushes towards the stage.

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