Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th May 2023 Written Story Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th May 2023 Written Story Update On

Samrat confronts Mansi for attempting to harm Malti and Govind, but Mansi accuses Samrat of betraying her by promising to transfer his entire property in exchange for Prem, only to give her fake property documents. Samrat refuses to give his hard-earned money to her and insists that it belongs to Prem and Nayan. However, Mansi threatens him with dire consequences.

Knowing that Mansi is capable of doing anything, Samrat decides to make her believe that he is not afraid. He boldly declares that he does not care if Mansi kills Malti and Govind and that he will not give his money to her. Mansi records his statement and listens to it once he leaves, planning to carry out her revenge by killing Govind and Malti in reality.

At Malti’s home, Govind requests Malti to prepare something as children are coming over to visit them. Suddenly, Mansi walks into the kitchen and ignites the gas. The resulting explosion engulfs the entire house in flames.

Nayan, Ishani, Sam, and Mohit were walking towards Malti’s house when they saw flames engulfing the entire structure. They were shocked to witness such a devastating fire. A neighbor informed them that Malti and Govind had entered the house earlier and speculated that they may have perished in the accident.

Mansi was hiding and watched the scene unfold. She remembered how she had instructed her goons to plant a bomb in the house. Nayan broke down in tears, and Samrat tried to comfort her. However, he realized that he should not tell Nayan that Mansi was responsible for the fire and instead focused on controlling Mansi.

Back at home, Nayan was still in tears, and Ishani tried to console her. Suddenly, she received an anonymous message asking her to come to a certain location if she wanted to know who killed her parents. Nayan went to the location and met Mansi, who revealed that Sam was the reason behind her parents’ murder. Apparently, he had promised to transfer his wealth to Mansi but instead gave it to Malti and Govind.

Nayan refused to believe Mansi’s allegations and insisted that Sam would never do such a thing. However, Mansi played a recording of Samrat’s voice, which confirmed that Sam loved wealth more than anything else, including Nayan.

Nayan is overwhelmed with emotions, believing that she can no longer stay with Samrat if she wants to safeguard Prem, Chintu, and Ishani. With a heavy heart, she boards a bus and embarks on a journey to an undisclosed destination.

Meanwhile, Samrat grows increasingly anxious when Nayan fails to return home. His worries are compounded when Mansi calls and confesses to instigating Nayan against him by playing a recorded conversation. Samrat is perplexed and asks Mansi what she wants. To his surprise, Mansi demands his wealth and instructs him to meet her lawyer and sign the documents the next day. Faced with no other option, Samrat reluctantly agrees.

[Episode End]

Precap : The show has progressed 20 years into the future. Samrat and Nayan find themselves stopped at a traffic signal in their respective vehicles, a car and an auto. Samrat decides to buy some balloons and release them, delighting a group of children who begin to clap in appreciation. It’s at this moment that Mansi takes notice of him.

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