Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th May 2023 Written Story Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Nain singing while accomplishing her daily household chores. She demonstrates her exceptional multitasking skills, and her mother-in-law acknowledges her efforts. The conversation soon shifts towards Nain’s daughter, Kashvi, who had gone to college to check her civil service results. While there, she met Arjun, a friend of hers, who also awaited his results. The news came that Kashvi secured a higher rank than Arjun, and they both called each other’s parents to share the results. Kashvi notified Arjun’s mother about his results, and he did the same for her. Later, Nain and Nitya, a civil service officer, had a phone conversation.

Mickey and Montey are the sons of Satish’s brother, who runs a saree selling business. During their conversation, Satish’s brother received a call from the model who was supposed to showcase their sarees at an upcoming exhibition. However, the model was unable to attend due to sickness. Meanwhile, their mother came into their room and found the brothers eating mangoes. She then had an argument with her son’s wife, taunting her for sharing half of their income with Nain and her daughters.

Romila and her mother-in-law had a disagreement that left a sour taste in the air. Meanwhile, Romila’s husband was discussing a modelling issue with his sister, Nain, when Mahima came home and expressed her desire to be the exhibition model. However, Mahima’s uncle scolded her and refused, stating that the women in their family do not become models. Nain tried to persuade Mahima’s uncle, but he remained stubborn and refused to budge. Eventually, Mahima’s grandmother intervened and asserted her authority as the eldest member of the family. She permitted Mahima to do the modelling and stated that Nain had opened her eyes to the fact that her grandson needed to accept Mahima as the exhibition model. Though he was unhappy, he was compelled to comply with his mother’s wishes. Mahima was elated and thanked Nain profusely, while Kashvi, who had just topped her exams, felt hurt that no one had acknowledged her achievement. Even Nain had failed to congratulate her, leaving Kashvi longing for her father’s presence. Nain told Kashvi that she would speak with her later as she was in a hurry to get Mahima ready for the exhibition.

On his return journey, Samrat opted for a flight to Delhi but was extremely displeased as Pratyuman failed to show up on time to receive him. Samrat had moved out of Delhi 20 years ago and this was his first visit since then. He had come to attend an exhibition in Faridabad, which Pratyuman had invited him to. Eventually, they set out for the event in Pratyuman’s car.

While Mahima was getting dressed for the exhibition, Kashvi questioned her about her keenness to model at this particular event. Mahima revealed that her interest stemmed from her desire to get married to Pratyuman and become wealthy. In the meantime, Kashvi was on a call with Arjun who inquired about Nain’s reaction to her results. Kashvi disclosed that she hadn’t had the chance to congratulate Nain yet but would do so once the exhibition was over. Shortly after her call ended, Nain appeared from behind and presented Kashvi with a Ganpati idol, congratulating her and bestowing her with blessings. Overwhelmed by the gesture, Kashvi broke down in tears. She then proceeded to assist Mahima in getting ready for the exhibition.

Samrat and Pratyuman prepared themselves for the exhibition they were about to attend. However, just as they were about to leave, Pratyuman received an urgent phone call informing him of a disturbance at a local market. Pratyuman delegated all of the responsibility to Samrat and quickly left to attend to the matter.

Meanwhile, Nain had run into a bit of a mishap as her saree had been stained with haldi, causing her to be delayed for the exhibition. Eventually, Nain decided to take an auto to make it to the event on time. As luck would have it, while on her way, Nain and Samrat’s car coincidentally passed through the same road.

As Nain was reviewing the list of sarees for the exhibition, she suddenly turned to her right and saw Samrat’s car had also come to a stop at the same signal. Samrat, on the other hand, looked to his left. [Episode End]

Precap : Samrat and Nain both attended the exhibition.

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