Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 22 May 2023 Written Story Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 22 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Kaashvi expressing her confusion about how Samrat can seek revenge against Nayantara, considering they had already proven his innocence. Arjun approaches Nayantara and assures her that he will demonstrate to Samrat the art of revenge. Nayantara, however, sternly instructs them not to meet Samrat. Kaashvi insists that they must clarify the misunderstandings with Samrat. In order to pacify Nayantara, they reluctantly promise not to meet Samrat. Nitya suggests that they focus on Arjun and Mahima’s roka ceremony, which is scheduled for today.

They arrive at the house, where Maaji’s face lights up with joy upon seeing Nayantara. She directs Nayantara to go inside and rest. Arjun presents Mahima with his grandmother’s ring, explaining that it is meant for her. Mahima expresses her expectation of receiving a diamond ring from him instead. Arjun assures her that they will purchase a diamond ring for her and agrees to accompany her for the shopping. Deep down, Mahima knows that she is deliberately taking Arjun shopping at this moment because Pradyumna is likely to be present.

In the jewelry store, Mahima places Arjun’s grandmother’s ring on Kaashvi’s finger, attempting to make her wear it. Kaashvi struggles to remove the ring but finds it impossible. Arjun comments that the ring looks beautiful on her finger as well. Mahima then requests the salesgirl to show them an expensive ring. Concerned, Kaashvi tries to intervene, but Arjun stops her. He explains to Kaashvi that witnessing Mahima’s happiness is more important to him than the cost of the ring. Meanwhile, Mahima wonders about Pradyumna’s whereabouts and happens to spot him. She signals Arjun to select a ring. Observing the situation, Pradyumna realizes that Mahima has seemingly moved on easily. Mahima, on the other hand, believes that her plan is progressing well. Arjun, convinced of Mahima’s deep love for him, contemplates the situation.

Curious about the affordability of the expensive ring, Kaashvi questions Arjun if he has enough money to purchase it. She suggests that he seek Nitya’s permission before making such an extravagant purchase. Arjun, being the only son to his parents, asserts that Kaashvi wouldn’t comprehend the meaning of love and therefore wouldn’t understand the situation.

Mahima feigns surprise as she spots Pradyumna and eagerly approaches him, displaying the ring she’s wearing. She proceeds to introduce Arjun to Pradyumna, informing him about their upcoming roka ceremony. Arjun kindly extends an invitation to Pradyumna for the wedding, which leaves Mahima believing that her plan to make Pradyumna jealous has succeeded.

Later, the priest instructs Nitya to present shagun, a traditional gift, to the couple. Nitya dutifully offers the shagun to Mahima, while Mahima’s family reciprocates by giving shagun to Arjun. Nitya and her husband catch a glimpse of the diamond ring, and Nitya is on the verge of discussing it with Arjun. However, her husband intervenes, suggesting that they save the conversation for home. Mahima, aware of Pradyumna’s presence on social media, captures photographs of the occasion and promptly uploads them online.

As the festivities continue, Arjun asks Kaashvi to take a picture with them. Kaashvi, struggling to remove the ring, informs him of her difficulty. Arjun suggests that she keeps it as a gift. The following day, Pradyumna approaches Mahima, requesting a meeting, to which she willingly agrees.

[Episode End]

Precap : Nayantara discovers that Samrat has filed a complaint against her shop. Determined to impart a lesson to him, she plots her retaliation. Meanwhile, Nitya engages in a conversation with Arjun regarding a pricey ring.

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