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Meet 18 May 2023 Written Story Update On

Meet stands in front of everyone, determined to reveal the truth. Suddenly, a man intercepts the manager, slapping him forcefully and demanding answers for his attempt to harm children. Meet, already suspicious of the manager, knows he will try to frame him, and now believes that Mohan was murdered. The crowd erupts in anger, physically assaulting the manager. Amidst the chaos, the manager pleads for a moment to explain and concocts a fabricated story about a builder attempting to purchase the orphanage. He fears that revealing the truth about Kanika, the one who can expose him, will have dire consequences. The police arrive and escort him away.

The inspector, remorseful for the unjust treatment, apologizes to Meet. In response, Meet reassures Sarkar that despite the loss of his first child, he is not negligent and is willing to sacrifice his life for his daughter’s safety.

Gunwanti expresses to Jasodha that Chiku’s presence has intensified the conflicts between Vaapu Sarkar and Manmeet. Jasodha acknowledges the truth but wonders where they can send Chiku. Gunwanti suggests that Kanika Madam will handle the situation.

Meanwhile, Meet finds himself running through the streets, desperate and determined. However, his progress is halted by a guard who stops Jasodha and Gunwanti. Jasodha pleads with the guard, explaining that they need to allow Chiku to leave, but the guard remains firm. Jasodha and Gunwanti approach Chiku and implore him to depart from the premises.

Gunwanti and Chiku find themselves outside the house, while Kanika communicates with Gunwanti over the phone. She provides the registration number of a car and instructs Gunwanti not to disclose Chiku’s destination.

Desperate for assistance, Meet attempts to hitch a ride, hoping to continue his quest for the truth.

Gunwanti assists Chiku in getting into the car, assuring him that he will be safely taken home. However, Chiku becomes apprehensive when he looks at the driver and realizes he is a goon. Fear takes hold of Chiku as the goon starts driving the car. Gunwanti, oblivious to the situation, confidently states that Sarkar will be pleased to hear about this and will praise her.

Inside the car, Kanika sits and angrily shouts at Chiku, displaying her true nature.

Meanwhile, Meet stands outside her home and notices Manmeet and Sumeet returning in a jeep. Meet rushes towards Sumeet, concerned about her well-being. Manmeet explains that Sumeet had experienced food poisoning but is now recovering. Meet expresses relief and asks how she is feeling. Manmeet replies that Sumeet is strong, just like her mother. Sapna approaches Meet and informs her that the pandit had called, stating that they cannot postpone the pooja for Chiku and it must be performed before sunset. Meet acknowledges the long and eventful day but expresses concern about leaving Sumeet alone. Sapna assures her that she will take care of Sumeet. Manmeet and Meet bless Sapna and ask her to stay with Sumeet. They then enter the car, where Meet expresses her urgency to share what happened at the orphanage.

Inside the car, Kanika suggests taking Chiku to their old warehouse and burning him there. One of the goons agrees to fetch kerosene and exits the car. As Meet and Manmeet’s jeep passes by, Kanika becomes alert. Chiku seizes the opportunity and quickly exits the car, running towards Meet and Manmeet’s vehicle. Realizing that her plan will fail if Chiku reaches them, Kanika determines to stop him. Chiku runs towards a nearby temple, seeking refuge. Meet and Manmeet proceed into the temple for the pooja.

During the pooja, Meet and Manmeet sit in contemplation. The pandit explains that the pooja is dedicated to the child they lost and their daughter’s well-being. The pandit asks for the child’s name, and Meet responds that his name was Chiku. As the diya flickers, Meet prevents it from extinguishing and expresses a sense of restlessness, as if anticipating something ominous. Unbeknownst to Meet, Chiku stands behind her and Manmeet, but Kanika interrupts by throwing dust in his face, causing him to stop in his tracks.

Kanika instructs her goons that Chiku will be temporarily blinded and orders them to take him away.

Sumeet, searching for Chiku, approaches Sapna and asks about his whereabouts. Sapna reveals that she last saw him with Gunwanti.

Kanika urges her goons to act quickly, but Chiku manages to escape once again. With impaired vision, he stumbles and falls into a basket, becoming covered by a red cloth. Kanika and her men search everywhere for Chiku. Unbeknownst to them, a few individuals pick up the basket. Kanika orders her men to split up and continue the search.

Two men place the basket behind Manmeet and Meet, who start feeling anxious and unable to concentrate on the pooja. The pandit instructs them to offer ahuti to the havan. He then asks Meet to take a flower from the basket and put it into the fire. Meet blindly takes the flower from the basket, unaware of Chiku lying inside unconscious. Kanika and her men stand behind Meet and Manmeet. Meet offers the flower in prayer. Suddenly, Chiku emerges from the basket, catching Kanika’s attention. The pandit instructs Meet to close her eyes and remember her child. Meet prays for her lost child. Kanika is shocked to see Chiku coming out of the basket. Chiku accidentally steps on a thali with sindoor and unknowingly walks over Meet’s dupatta. Hindered by his impaired vision, he continues walking away. Kanika steps forward and takes Chiku with her, while Meet remains unaware of everything.

Kanika suggests throwing Chiku off the cliff, making it appear as an accidental death due to his blindness.

Gunwanti, speaking to Sarkar, explains that she couldn’t bear to see Manmeet and Meet disrespecting him because of the boy, so she sent Chiku out of the house. Mahendra expresses his approval, but Sarkar interjects, stating that he could also remove the child from the house, but his true mission is to eliminate Meet. He plans to use his promise at the right time to accomplish this.

Gunwanti confides in Mahendra, mentioning the significant effort she made to send Chiku away from the house, but Sarkar remains unsatisfied. Sumeet overhears their conversation and inquires about Chiku’s whereabouts. Gunwanti coldly informs her that Chiku is truly gone and walks away.

Kanika stands at the edge of the cliff with Chiku.

As the pandit instructs them to perform a ritual, Meet opens her eyes and discovers footprints on her chunri, symbolizing an ominous presence.

[Episode End]

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