Meet 19 May 2023 Written Story Update

Meet 19 May 2023 Written Story Update On

Panditji asks Meet to bring her dupatta forward to receive a flower. Meet brings her dupatta forward and notices Chiku’s footprint. Manmeet and Meet are shocked.

Sumeet calls her mother and says to hurry because she doesn’t know where Chiku is.

Panditji explains that a child must have been playing while they were busy with the Pooja. He tells them not to worry and suggests they offer water to the child, but since the child is not present, they should pour it into the well as an offering to their son. Suddenly, a storm starts. Meet tells Manmeet that she feels really uneasy and senses that something bad is about to happen. Manmeet reassures her and suggests they complete the Pooja.

Sumeet decides to pray for Chiku’s well-being.

Kanika tells Chiku that he will soon be reunited with his friend Mohan.

Sumeet prays for Chiku and finds his locket. She realizes that Chiku was wearing it and they can open it.

Manmeet and Meet are walking on the street. Meet confides in Manmeet that she feels like something valuable has been taken away from her.

Sumeet tries to open the locket and asks Sapna for help. Sapna tries, but finds it difficult. Just then, Jasodha calls her.

Meet accidentally drops her phone on the ground.”

Kanika and Chiku are standing together near the edge of a cliff. A man sees a picture of Chiku on their phone and says he saw Chiku around and that Chiku is also blind. Meet disagrees and says there is a misunderstanding. The man insists that he saw Chiku wearing a white checkered shirt and asks them to look for him. Then he walks away. Meet asks Manmeet to search for Chiku while she finishes a ritual.

Kanika throws Chiku off the cliff.

Sumeet opens a locket to look at some photos, but Sarkar shouts at Sumeet and asks why they are there. Sumeet drops the locket and calls Sarkar “Dadu.” Sarkar tells Sumeet not to call them “Dadu.” Sumeet asks if Sarkar loves them, but Sarkar says no. Sumeet makes fun of Sarkar and runs away. Sarkar sits near the dropped locket. Sumeet walks back and tries to put the locket in their pocket, but Sarkar shouts at them, and Sumeet drops it.

A coconut fell on the ground and Meet felt like everything happening was trying to tell her something. The coconut rolled towards a cliff, reminding Meet of her kids’ accident. Meet apologized and walked away, accidentally dropping her duppata down the cliff. As she turned around to grab it, she spotted Chiku hanging on a tree. Meet tied a rope to the tree and herself, calling Manmeet for help. She went down the cliff to rescue Chiku, who was hanging unconscious near the tree. Meet grabbed Chiku and asked Manmeet to pull the rope. They both made it back to the surface safely.

Manmeet asked Meet how Chiku ended up there, and Meet replied that she didn’t know, throwing water on Chiku’s face to wake him up. Chiku woke up and drank water from a container. Manmeet mentioned that the water was meant for Meet’s son but she gave it to Chiku instead. He helped Chiku wake up and rubbed his hands. Meet noticed a birthmark on Chiku and remembered her own child. She examined it closely.

Manmeet asked what was wrong, and Meet explained that her Chiku also had the same birthmark. When her Chiku fell down the cliff, she couldn’t find him, but when she hugged this Chiku for the first time, she felt her heart pounding. Meet wondered if he could be her son. Manmeet comforted her, reminding her that she lost her husband but found him, and now she might have found her Chiku. He attributed it to a higher power’s plan.

Meet expressed that when Chiku is around her, she feels her motherly instincts awaken. She recalled a locket her mother had placed around Chiku’s neck and checked for it, but couldn’t find it. Manmeet hugged her, and Meet cried.

Sumeet is praying for Chiku’s safety.

Kanika tells the Minister not to worry, as she will take care of everything. The Minister reassures her that there’s no need for her to do anything, as he will personally take care of the child.

Chiku is at home with Manmeet, Meet, and Sumeet by his side. Chiku wakes up and hugs Meet. Meet assures him that he doesn’t need to be scared because he is with him. Meet asks Chiku how he ended up there and if someone took him. Chiku feels frightened. Sumeet brings a pen and paper for Chiku, encouraging him to write. Gunwanti notices Chiku and mentions that he has returned home. Meet explains that they are responsible for Chiku until they find his parents.

An inspector enters Sarkar Mahal. Sarkar asks them why they entered without informing him. The inspector apologizes and explains that they received a complaint from a parent about a missing child who ran away from home. They found out that the missing child is here, so they came to take him. Chiku gets scared and hugs Meet tightly.

[Episode End]

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