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Meet 10th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The scene commences with Gunwanti making her way towards the bunny, causing Sumeet to feel uneasy. However, the servant interrupts Gunwanti, leading her to leave. Subsequently, Sumeet escorts Chiku to her chamber where she expresses her fears and weeps. Sumeet inquires about the reason for her tears. Meanwhile, the manager of the orphanage instructs his staff to locate Chiku, providing them with detailed information. Later on, he is notified that Meet and Manmeet have arrived to meet him. In another context, Gunwanti urges Kanika to lodge in the guest house, which Kanika agrees to, planning to exploit the chance to search for the man.

At the orphanage, Meet becomes suspicious of the manager’s behavior and requests to see Mohan’s death certificate. As a former cop, Meet knows the importance of having proper documentation. However, the manager tries to come up with excuses and avoid showing the certificate. In an attempt to gain access to the manager’s computer, Meet asks to see it, but the manager pours water on the keyboard to ruin it.

Undeterred, Meet instructs the manager to have all the necessary details prepared for her by the following morning and departs. The manager immediately calls Kanika and informs her of Meet’s inquiries into Mohan’s death. He expresses concern that Meet might uncover the truth about Chiku. To ensure their secret remains safe, Kanika instructs the manager to eliminate anyone who might help Chiku.

Upon bringing some food for Chiku, Sumeet was taken aback to find Kanika engrossed in a phone conversation in her room, with Chiku hiding beneath the bed. Meanwhile, Meet and Manmeet went to an orphanage to give some toys to the children there. They noticed a girl who was crying after seeing a bloodstain on the wall. Meet offered her a toy, and the girl revealed that Mohan had been brutally beaten, which shocked them both.

As all of this was happening, Kanika dropped her phone and was about to pick it up, causing Chiku to grow anxious. Sumeet then distracted Kanika by reciting a poem, allowing her to pick up the phone and return it to Kanika.

In the scene, the girl relays that Mohan was in tears when his friend fled. Meet inquires about Mohan’s friend and who caused harm to him. However, before the girl could disclose any additional information, the manager intervenes. The manager deceives Meet by stating that the girl is in shock after Mohan’s demise, and the red mark on the wall is simply paint, not blood.

Meet persists and asks for the name of Mohan’s friend who fled. The manager dismisses the girl’s account as a figment of her imagination and hastily ushers her away from the scene. Meet and Manmeet become suspicious that Mohan’s death was not accidental.

During this exchange, Meet recalls the memory of her child’s passing and feels responsible for not being able to save him. Manmeet offers her solace and support.

Manmeet requested Meet to light the diyas in their home temple for the orphanage children and Meet’s son, to which Meet agreed. She also lit a diya for a missing boy. Meet made up her mind to reach out to Chandha to uncover the true reason behind Mohan’s death and locate Mohan’s friend who fled from the orphanage.

Meanwhile, Kanika approached Mahendra and offered to assist him with his work, but in return, she requested his help in finding a boy who had run away from the hospital. While they were discussing, Gunwanti arrived and took Mahendra for lunch.

Sumeet was concerned about how to rescue Chiku from Kanika’s clutches and decided to seek Meet’s aid.

In this scenario, Meet attempts to offer food to Sumeet, but Sumeet declines the offer. However, Manmeet encourages Sumeet to eat and he agrees. Later on, Sumeet shares a story with Meet about a devil who has captured a prince, and Sumeet inquires about how the prince’s sister can rescue him since the devil is extremely powerful. Meet responds by stating that one can overcome any obstacle if they possess the courage and acquire the necessary strength.

[Episode End]

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