Maitree 21 May 2023 Written Story Update

Maitree 21 May 2023 Written Story Update On

Harsh assigns duties to Yadav, who then approaches him to request a loan. Showing his generosity, Harsh agrees to provide Yadav with the requested money in advance. Sensing Yadav’s urgency, he also grants Jayaram a leave of absence upon Yadav’s request, as Jayaram’s wife is expecting a baby girl. Harsh goes a step further by sending Jayaram some money and instructing him to distribute double the amount of sweets to celebrate the arrival of his newborn daughter. Maitree is well-informed about these developments and witnesses Jayaram’s cheerful departure.

Taking note of Harsh’s management style, Maitree approaches him and shares her realization that his secret to success lies in keeping his team members happy, which leads to improved productivity. Encouraging her, Harsh expresses his belief that she is learning valuable lessons from him and encourages her to continue doing so.

Amidst their conversation, Harsh’s phone rings, and he answers it with a cheerful tone, realizing it’s his mother calling. Spotting Maitree nearby, he requests his mother to speak with her. Curious, Harsh’s mother inquires if he has made Maitree his life partner in both personal and professional realms. Smiling, he suggests that Maitree take the call, but the conversation abruptly ends due to a sudden termination.

Shortly after, Maitree receives a message from Sachin seeking her assistance and informing her that the groom’s family is on their way to see Pinky. Harsh notices Maitree’s tense demeanor and inquires about the cause of her distress.

Neelu prompts Princy to prepare herself and advises her to make a lasting impression on the Groom family due to their wealth and the benefits it could bring us. Neelu leaves, leaving Princy feeling anxious. Princy believes that Nandini can be her savior and sends her a text, expressing the urgency of talking to her about something important.

Sadhna serves Nandish his breakfast, and he consumes it while asking about his mother’s whereabouts. Dinesh corrects him, referring to her as “Maasi” (aunt). He informs Nandish that Maitree has gone to work. Sadhna invites Sachin to join them for breakfast, but he hurriedly departs. Nandish asks Sadhna if Mr. Hero will be accompanying Maitree, to which Sadhna inquires about his identity. Nandish happily reveals that it’s his friend Harsh, causing Sadhna to beam with joy.

Neelu and her spouse are preparing for a meeting with the groom’s family. Maitree arrives at Vasundhara’s house, where she is greeted with skepticism. Vasundhara questions Maitree’s presence and takes a jab at her, mentioning that dogs and Mishras are not welcome in the house. Undeterred, Maitree expresses her desire to speak with Chakramani and Neelu. Just then, Nandini appears and confronts Maitree, wondering if she has come to seek revenge on her aunt and uncle as well. Maitree claims to have a specific purpose for being there. Chakramani and Neelu join the scene and inquire about Maitree’s intentions. Maitree shocks everyone by revealing that Sachin and Neelu are in love. This revelation leaves everyone astonished.

Neelu, feeling a mix of emotions, requests Maitree not to speak any falsehoods. Desperate for support, she asks Princy to confirm that Maitree is lying. Princy is summoned by Chakramani and Raj Kumar. Maitree pleads with them not to pressure her and urges Princy to admit her feelings for her. Nandini, growing increasingly frustrated, urges Maitree to stop exploiting her family. As tension escalates, Harsh, who arrives with Sachin, steps in and apprehends Nandini, preventing any further altercation.

Princy expresses her concern for Maitree and confesses her feelings for Sachin. Neelu, in response, slaps Princy. Worried about Princy, Sachin tries to approach her, but Chakra Mani and Raj Kumar intercept him. Despite the interference, Sachin informs Princy that they can get married officially. Chakra Mani angrily strikes Sachin and orders him to leave. Maitree suggests discussing the situation and finding a solution, but Vasundhara intervenes, warning her to leave. Nandini questions Maitree about the troubles she’s causing their family. Vasundhara’s servants and Chakra Mani forcibly push Maitree and the others out of the house, while Nandini slams the door shut.

Later, the groom’s family arrives at Vasundhara’s place and requests to see the bride. Nandini assures them that she will bring her. Back at home, Dinesh scolds Sachin for his infatuation with Princy. He also asks Maitree why she didn’t inform them. Maitree explains that time was short, so she couldn’t tell them. Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door, surprising everyone.

[Episode End]

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