Maitree 17 May 2023 Written Story Update

Maitree 17 May 2023 Written Story Update On

Harsh’s blow sends Ashish crashing to the ground. Confused, Ashish wonders how his friend could have attacked him. As Harsh gets back on his feet, a passing vehicle strikes Ashish’s head. In the chaos, Ashish’s car accidentally hits Harsh. Just as the situation escalates, Maitree intervenes, urging them to stop fighting like hooligans.

Maitree questions Harsh about his involvement, to which Ashish asks who he is. Maitree reveals that Harsh is her business partner, and Ashish realizes he misunderstood Harsh’s intentions towards her. Maitree assures them it’s all a misunderstanding and encourages them to move on. She asks Harsh to leave and promises to call him later. Harsh departs rudely.

Maitree tends to Ashish’s injuries and questions his maturity. Ashish expresses that if Maitree had informed him about her business partner, this miscommunication could have been avoided. Maitree explains that she had worked with Harsh on a previous occasion. Ashish feels that Harsh appears too cunning, making a long-term partnership unwise.

Maitree inquires about Ashish’s home life, and he responds that everything is fine. She asks about Nandish, and just then, Nandish arrives, prompting Maitree to embrace him. Ashish’s reaction to Nandini’s arrival doesn’t go unnoticed. Nandish privately confides in Maitree that he’s growing restless.

Nandini apologizes to Maitree and Ashish for interrupting their private meeting. Ashish explains that he coincidentally ran into Maitree on his way home from court, dispelling any notion of a secret meeting. Nandini remarks on the coincidence and wonders if such occurrences are frequent. Playfully, Ashish suggests that Nandini must be keeping tabs on Nandish and asks about her surveillance of him. Nandini explains that she brought Nandish along to treat him to some ice cream and had thought they could all return home together since Ashish seemed to have other plans. Maitree clarifies that they don’t have any plans. Nandini advises Maitree not to get involved. When Nandini notices Ashish’s wound, she inquires about what happened to him.

Chakramani inquires about Neelu’s recent purchase. Neelu justifies the cost, stating that it’s reasonable because it’s Vasundhara’s niece’s saree. Vasundhara agrees with her. Princy enters and pleads with her parents to postpone their wedding until Vasundhara and Nandini resolve their disagreements. Neelu reprimands her for using such language. Vasundhara assures Princy not to worry, mentioning that she has a plan in motion and Nandini will come home in time for the wedding.

Meanwhile, Om, Kusum, and Sona anxiously watch something on their phones, concerned about Ashish. Nandini and Ashish return home, and their family members ask about what happened. To their surprise, they are shown footage of the incident. Maitree also arrives home and informs her parents that she has secured the project she was working on. Dinesh asks Maitree to check her phone. Maitree discovers the viral video of Ashish and Harsh fighting, and she explains to her parents that it was a result of a misunderstanding. Sadhna insists that Maitree swear to never speak to or encounter Ashish again. The family wonders when Ashish will learn to control his anger. Om sends Nandish inside to change.

Ashish explains that he lost control when he thought someone was behaving inappropriately towards Maitree. However, he later found out that the person was Maitree’s business partner, so he is unsure who uploaded the video. He expresses that he doesn’t want Maitree to abandon her project because of him.

Sadhna rejects Maitree’s pledge, claiming that if she promises, the accusations from the world will become true. Sadhna reminds Maitree that the world is not as pure as she is and hopes Harsh won’t abandon their project. Maitree clarifies that Harsh is not her client. When Ashish calls Maitree, she doesn’t answer. Maitree receives a message from the client. She waits for Harsh before meeting the client. The client expresses reluctance to work with them, questioning the viral video. Maitree advises the client not to give too much importance to the footage. The client argues that granting them the project would put it at risk. Maitree suggests not giving it to her but allowing Harsh to investigate since he is innocent. Unkind overhears their conversation. The client reveals that he had told Harsh the same thing before. Harsh asserts that they can’t work with a client who values a video more than their own work. They leave together. Maitree acknowledges Harsh’s help and mentions that their collaboration was not predetermined. Harsh comments that he feels they will meet again in the future.

[Episode End]

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