Maitree 20 May 2023 Written Story Update

Maitree 20 May 2023 Written Story Update On

Nandish inquires about the surprise from Maitree, wondering why she did it. Maitree mentions that if he calls her, she might come to meet him. Otherwise, she questions the motive behind the surprise. As promised, Nandish arrives to surprise Maitree and introduces her to his new friend Harsh. Harsh expresses gratitude towards Maitree. Later, Nandish shares with everyone how he met Harsh and provided him with consolation. Sadhna asks Nandish about his food preferences, and he claims that Harsh had compelled him to drink juice earlier. Being with Maitree’s family brings joy to Nandish.

Nandini assures Nandish that she will always stand by his side and promises not to let him go. However, Nandish appears disheartened. Ashish and Harsh formally introduce themselves to each other. Harsh and Maitree engage in a pleasant conversation. Nandini gives Sadhna a hint that Harsh and Maitree make a lovely couple, which fills Sadhna with joy upon seeing them together.

Nandini asks Nandish to go home, and in response, he seeks permission to spend a day with Maitree. However, Nandini refuses, prompting Maitree to persuade Nandish to join her. Maitree attempts to communicate with Nandish, but he requests to stay where he is, and Ashish advises respecting his wish.

When Maitree feels the need to move forward in her life, Nandini expresses concerns about leaving Nandish at Maitree’s house. Ashish believes Maitree will not have any objections, but Nandini worries that she might oppose the idea. Eventually, Nandish is informed that he can stay with Maitree before his departure, which deeply touches Nandini. In his fear, Nandish tightly holds Maitree’s hand.

Before their departure, Ashish praises Harsh for his assistance. Maitree tells Nandish that his actions were inappropriate, to which he explains his desire to be with her due to Nandini’s reprimanding and his own fear. Maitree believes Nandini’s stubbornness is causing her to lose her son. However, Nandish is reminded that his mother is also good, and she kindly requests him to go to sleep.

Nandish asks Maitree to narrate the story of Mr. Hero. Maitree questions who Mr. Hero is, and Nandish refers to Harsh as Mr. Hero, explaining that Harsh saved him like a hero. He learns about Harsh’s heroic deeds through Maitree’s account.

Moving forward, Sona and Kusum take on the responsibility of looking after Nandish while they await his return. They witness Nandini and Ashish departing for their home. They inquire about Nandish’s whereabouts from Nandini. Nandini suggests asking Ashish for information. Ashish explains that he allowed Nandish to stay there because he misses Maitree. Nandini claims that Maitree has successfully created distance between herself and her children and husband.

Maitree puts Nandish to sleep and expresses her appreciation to Harsh through a message. Harsh’s flirtation brings a smile to Maitree’s face. Nandini speaks out against Maitree. Ashish argues that Nandini failed to show the same adoration for Nandish as Maitree did for seven seconds. Nandini creates a scene by questioning why Ashish constantly compares her to Maitree. According to Ashish, Nandish left the house, and Nandini might be responsible. Nandini and Ashish engage in a heated argument despite attempts by family members to intervene. Sona steps in and reminds them that they are Nandish’s parents, urging them to support each other in taking care of Nandish. Ashish travels with Om.

[Episode End]

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