Maitree 13th May 2023 Written Story Update

Maitree 13th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The scene opens with Dinesh instructing a female police constable to apprehend Vasundhara for her alleged attempt to defame Maitree. Vasundhara questions Dinesh about the legality of the arrest, requesting to see a warrant. Dinesh proceeds to present the arrest warrant to her.

Raj Kumar interjects, stating that the police cannot take Vasundhara into custody. Nandini also pleads with Dinesh to reconsider his decision and not take Vasundhara away. However, Dinesh remains unmoved and forces Vasundhara to accompany the police to the station. Sachin and Princy become worried that this incident may negatively impact their relationship.

In an effort to soothe Princy, Sachin urges her to remain calm.

Maitree’s phone rings, and it’s Sachin on the line. She answers, and Sachin urgently tells her to drop everything and come to the police station. Dinesh has arrested Vasundhara, and Sachin believes that only Maitree can calm him down. Maitree asks for Sachin’s location, and he directs her to the police station.

Maitree quickly realizes that she has a meeting scheduled, but she needs to prioritize this emergency. She approaches the receptionist, asking if she can reschedule the meeting. Unfortunately, the receptionist informs her that it’s not possible. Maitree hands over her portfolio and requests that the receptionist pass it on to her boss, hoping to provide some context for her absence. With that, she rushes out the door to attend to the urgent matter at the police station.

Meanwhile, Chakramani and Neelu are grappling with a tough decision. With Vasundhara’s arrest, they fear that the groom’s family may not want to proceed with the wedding. Nadini, however, is confident that she can secure bail for Vasundhara and asks them to focus on handling the groom’s family. She follows Vasundhara’s advice and delegates the task to someone else, feeling reassured that Vasundhara can handle this type of situation.

At the police station, Maitree arrives to meet Sachin and inquires about the situation. Sachin responds that it had just occurred. Princy urges Maitree to talk to Dinesh to secure Vasundhara’s release; otherwise, they could get into trouble. Maitree seeks clarification from Sachin regarding the discussion, but Sachin is reluctant to divulge the truth. In response, Maitree decides to confront Dinesh herself.

Upon encountering Maitree, Vasundhara accuses her of falsely implicating her in a case. Maitree vehemently denies the accusation and suggests that Vasundhara speak to her daughter Nadini, who had framed her for a crime she didn’t commit. Vasundhara remains silent, pondering Maitree’s words.

Maitree shares her suspicions with Dinesh, suggesting that someone close to Vasundhara may have committed the crime, rather than Vasundhara herself. She expresses her doubts about Vasundhara’s involvement and urges Dinesh to consider this possibility.

While at the police station, Maitree encounters Nandini and confronts her about why she is implicating Vasundhara for her own wrongdoing. Nandini feigns ignorance, but Maitree is resolute in her stance that Vasundhara should not be held accountable for Nandini’s actions. Nandini quickly departs from the scene.

Meanwhile, Harsh receives a call from the receptionist and enters the room, recalling Maitree’s abrupt departure. The client is impressed with Harsh’s portfolio and decides to entrust their event to him. Harsh, however, lays down a condition before accepting the job.

Maitree receives a call from the receptionist informing her that her boss wants to meet her, which leaves her feeling thrilled. She meets with the client and expresses gratitude for selecting her. However, the client conditions the collaboration on Maitree working with another event planner, Harsh Pandit. Despite her reservations, Maitree agrees to the partnership, which the client reveals was Harsh’s idea.Maitree asks for some time to consider the proposal, prompting the client to inquire about her hesitation. Maitree recalls her past experiences working with Harsh and explains to the client that their working styles are incompatible, making it impossible for them to collaborate. The client makes a comment on her statement.Meanwhile, Harsh anxiously awaits Maitree’s response, fearing rejection. When Maitree eventually approaches him, he taunts her, threatening to carry out the event alone. Maitree responds by informing him that she has rejected the offer entirely.

[Episode End]

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