Maitree 18 May 2023 Written Story Update

Maitree 18 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Maitree expressing to Harsh that their destiny does not involve working together. Harsh responds, “I have a feeling that we will meet again.” Maitree firmly states that she doesn’t want to give him false hope. She bids him goodbye, prepared to depart. In response, Harsh asserts that their story is far from over. Maitree gazes at him, intrigued. Suddenly, Harsh’s phone rings as a client calls him. He puts the call on speakerphone. The client offers an apology to Harsh for his previous behavior and expresses a willingness to work with his partner. Maitree and Harsh feel elated upon hearing this news. Harsh turns to Maitree and asks if she would be willing to become his friend, extending his hand towards her. Maitree reminisces about her moments with Nandini. She suggests, “Let’s be business partners instead.” She shakes his hand, and they congratulate each other before leaving.

Meanwhile, Nandish pleads with Nandini to tell him a bedtime story so he can fall asleep. However, Nandini pays no attention to him and instead contemplates Ashish’s deception regarding Maitree. Nandish insists on hearing a story, but Nandini warns him that she will slap him if he doesn’t go to sleep. Ultimately, Nandish drifts off to sleep on the bed, while Nandini quietly departs. As he lies there, Nandish finds himself longing for Maitree.

At their home, Maitree and Harsh engage in a video call with the client. Meanwhile, Dinesh arrives and questions Sadhna about Harsh’s presence. Sadhna explains that Maitree got a job opportunity through Harsh, and they are working together. She invites Harsh to join them for dinner, but he declines, suggesting he will order food from a hotel instead. However, Sadhna insists that he dine with them, and eventually, Harsh agrees. The family gathers around the dining table, and Sadhna serves food to everyone. Curious about Harsh’s background, Dinesh inquires and discovers that he hails from Banaras. However, Sadhna interrupts him and asks Maitree to show Harsh the significant places in Prayagraj. Maitree is taken aback by this request.

Meanwhile, Nandini enters Ashish’s office and confronts him about his lie, questioning why he didn’t inform her that he fought for Maitree. Ashish explains that he anticipated her overreaction, which is why he kept it a secret. Nandini further asks when he will move on from his past and expresses her disapproval of his behavior, questioning if he has no shame for fighting in the street like a love-struck young man. Ashish interrupts her, asserting that he is her husband and doesn’t create unnecessary drama. He states that he will always support and stand by Maitree whenever she needs him because they share a pure relationship, adding that he doesn’t require anyone’s validation.

Elsewhere, Nandish believes there is nobody in the room and considers it the perfect opportunity to go to Maitree. He starts packing his bags. In the midst of their conversation, Nandini asks Ashish not to misunderstand her and expresses her desire for them to become like the old Nandini and Ashish. Ashish responds by telling her that if she wants him to be the way he was before, she must also change back to her old self. He urges her to stop the drama, stating that he is ignoring her actions to preserve their relationship. He concludes by saying that she is not the same Nandini he once knew and walks away. Frustrated, Nandini throws a vase in anger, and the sound catches Sona’s attention, prompting her to go upstairs and check what has happened.

Nandish attempts to make his escape from Tiwari’s household but unexpectedly encounters Sona. Desperate to avoid being seen, Nandish quickly hides behind a vase and waits until Sona leaves the area. Once Sona is gone, Nandish seizes the opportunity to slip away unnoticed. Sona later approaches Nandini and questions her about the broken vase, wondering if it was the mischievous work of a rat. She leaves the scene feeling a bit apprehensive.

Grateful for Harsh’s support, Maitree expresses her thanks to him. Harsh takes the opportunity to inquire about Ashish. Maitree informs Harsh that Ashish is her best friend and excitedly shares the story of her friendship with Ashish and Nandini. She reveals that Ashish and Nandini have a child named Nandish. Harsh responds with a simple “nice.” Maitree notices Sachin returning home and calls out to him, but he hurriedly departs with a look of distress. Harsh bids Maitree good night and takes his leave.

Curious about the conversation between Sachin and Princy, Maitree approaches Sachin and asks if he spoke to Princy. She implores him to share the details of their discussion. Sachin admits that he cannot forget Princy despite Maitree’s earlier request for him to break up with her. Maitree apologizes to Sachin for pressuring him and assures him that she will help him win Princy back. Sachin explains that Princy’s prospective groom’s family is scheduled to visit the following day, and he’s uncertain about what to do. Maitree reassures him, promising to resolve everything within a day by speaking with Princy’s parents.

[Episode End]

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