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Main Hoon Aparajita 17 May 2023 Written Story Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 17 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Aparajita requesting Disha’s assistance in carrying the Masseuse’s bag. Suddenly, Aparajita hears Asha’s voice calling out to her. Nia arrives and informs them that Asha is not in the storeroom. Chavi adds that she couldn’t find Asha anywhere either. Just then, Arjun arrives and inquires about their troubled expressions. Aparajita explains that they have been unable to locate Asha. Determined, Arjun volunteers to search for her, and everyone joins in the quest.

While looking around, Aparajita notices Shubh teetering on the edge of a fall. Reacting swiftly, she instinctively positions her hand as a shield to protect Shubh from harm. Aparajita successfully averts Shubh’s injury, earning Kalpana’s gratitude. However, witnessing Aparajita sustain an injury in the process fills Kalpana with guilt. Eventually, Arjun and the girls return, reporting their fruitless search for Asha. Sensing the urgency, Akshay learns from Aparajita that Asha is missing. Curious, Akshay questions Aparajita about any visitors to the house. Reflecting upon the events, Aparajita recollects Rohini, the masseuse, entering the house with her large suitcase. A sudden realization strikes Aparajita, suspecting that Asha might be inside Rohini’s suitcase. Urgently, she commands Rohini to halt, but the latter attempts to escape. Swiftly, Kalpana throws a rock, obstructing Rohini’s path. Arjun captures Rohini, while Aparajita and Akshay eagerly open the suitcase, discovering Asha’s whereabouts.

Akshay interrogates Rohini, questioning her about the identity of the person who sent her. Sensing the severity of the situation, Rohini offers her apologies and pleads for permission to leave. However, Akshay remains resolute and decides to involve the police. Meanwhile, Rohini manages to elude Arjun’s grasp and escapes by hitching a ride on a stranger’s bike. Puzzled by Rohini’s unexpected presence, Akshay and Aparajita contemplate how she ended up there. Chavi recalls that Kalpana contacted Rohini and probes Kalpana about it. Kalpana confesses that she obtained Rohini’s contact information online and hired her services. Aparajita, having faith in Kalpana, believes her explanation.

During the Mehandi function, everyone joins in a lively dance to a song. Aparajita notices Akshay engrossed in a phone conversation and approaches him. Akshay reveals that he spoke with the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) who is handling Asha’s kidnapping case, assuring her that they will be contacted once new information arises.

Meanwhile, Mohini engages in a conversation with Kalpana over the phone. Mohini menacingly threatens Kalpana, displaying her power over Shubh, and demands that Kalpana follow her plan. She warns of dire consequences if Kalpana fails to comply. Kalpana, fearing for Shubh’s safety, assures Mohini that she will execute the plan as instructed. Mohini insists that the Mehandi function scheduled for today should be disrupted, and Kalpana reluctantly agrees.

During the Mehendi ceremony, Disha joyfully dances alongside her sisters. Chavi persuades Akshay to join them, and together, Akshay and his daughters electrify the stage with their moves. Eventually, Akshay takes his leave, and Arjun arrives at the scene. Disha’s sisters urge Arjun to depart, but he implores Disha to support him. However, she firmly declares her unwillingness to be involved in their dispute. Aparajita permits Arjun to stay, and he expresses his gratitude. Aparajita then instructs Disha to prepare for the Mehendi application.

Meanwhile, Kalpana empties the Mehendi bowl into the sink and cleans it. Mohini acquires cobra’s poison powder, contemplating its use as a surprise gift for Disha. She envisions the moment, thinking, “Get ready, Disha darling, I’m sending you a surprising gift.”

Aparajita assists Disha in getting ready for the ceremony. Mohini follows the advice of the poison seller and places a glass containing the poison powder in the freezer. Kalpana contacts Mohini, confirming the completion of her task. Mohini instructs Kalpana to ensure that her gift reaches Disha when Aparajita is preoccupied with the Mehendi ritual, and assures her that once the plan is executed, Kalpana’s son will be returned safely. Kalpana reluctantly agrees. In the midst of this, Akshay arrives and inquires about Shubh from Kalpana, who assures him that Shubh will be home in half an hour.

Mohini’s accomplice informs her over the phone that security is tight at the Mehendi function. Ashmith, appreciating the robust security arrangements, comments on Akshay’s preparations. Dadi informs Aparajita that the Mehendi bowl is missing, prompting Aparajita to take action. Mohini’s accomplice delivers the poisonous powder to Kalpana. Akshay meets Dr. Anshuman and encourages him to enjoy the party. He then heads to his children’s room and summons them for the Mehendi ritual. Disha reveals that there is no Mehendi available in nearby shops. Aparajita enters with the Mehendi bowl, announcing that she found it in their garden. Kalpana appears and, following Mohini’s instructions, ties a sacred thread (dhaga) to Disha’s hand. Aparajita applies Mehendi to Arjun first before proceeding to put it on Disha’s hand. However, Disha immediately experiences a burning sensation, causing worry among everyone present.

[Episode End]

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