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Main Hoon Aparajita 13th May 2023 Written Story Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 13th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The scene begins with Akshay entering his room carrying his laptop. Aparajita approaches him and urges him not to inspect the pen drive. Curiosity getting the better of him, Akshay inquires about its contents.

Arjun confides in Nia that Akshay has found the pen drive that exposes her truth. He reveals that Aparajita is attempting to prevent Akshay from viewing its contents in fear of losing his respect. Despite Nia’s past actions, Arjun stresses the importance of maintaining Aparajita’s trust. Disha echoes his sentiments, encouraging Nia to remain resolute.

Akshay remains persistent, demanding to know what the pen drive contains. Ignoring Aparajita’s pleas, he reaches for it, but Mohini intervenes and throws it away. The pen drive lands near Nia, causing Arjun to suspect that Akshay may have caught a glimpse of its contents.

Mohini has accused Aparajita of attempting to sabotage Nia’s marriage by showing a pen drive to Akshay. However, Aparajita defends herself by stating that she is preventing Akshay from viewing the contents of the pen drive. Mohini and Aparajita get into a heated argument over the matter, which Nia ultimately interrupts.

Nia apologizes to Mohini and admits that she cannot continue down the same path any longer. She explains to Akshay that she is tired of living a lie and wants to start living her truth. Akshay is left wondering what they are discussing, but Nia insists on revealing the truth to him despite Mohini’s objections.

Nia tells Akshay that she forced him to marry her, and that Arjun does not love her. She confesses to blackmailing Arjun and explains how she trapped him under Mohini’s instruction. Akshay is silent as he takes in this information, and Nia apologizes for her actions.

Akshay reassures Nia that she is not to blame, and instead acknowledges his own shortcomings as a parent. Aparajita blames Mohini for leading Nia astray, and Akshay ultimately sends the children away.

Meanwhile, Ashmit notices Arjun coming downstairs and calls him over to speak with him. Chavi asks Disha what happened, while Puppy compliments Nia.

Akshay inquires Mohini about her destination and proceeds to interrogate her. He asks if she had previously executed the same plan against him and questions her actions from the past. Additionally, he asks if their marriage was based on falsehoods. Akshay brings up a particular incident where Mohini had spiked his drink and lied about it, which had led to a separation from his family. He even goes to the extent of pushing Mohini against the wall and choking her while blaming her for his predicament.

Akshay decides to kill Mohini. Aparajita intervened and halted Akshay, reminding him of his role as a father to his daughters. Hearing this, Akshay departed from Mohini’s location. Aparajita followed Akshay as he left.

Akshay tells Aparajita that he sees a pattern in history repeating itself, with Arjun now in his position. Aparajita responds by suggesting that they should arrange Disha and Arjun’s marriage. However, Akshay expresses concern over how society would react to this decision. Aparajita advises that they prioritize their children’s happiness over societal norms and do what is right.

Later, Nia decides to leave the house, but Arjun and Aparajita’s daughters try to convince her to stay. Aparajita convinces Akshay to support the marriage between Disha and Arjun.

[Episode End]

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