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Main Hoon Aparajita 21 May 2023 Written Story Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 21 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with the arrival of Mohini and Manish, accompanied by a lawyer, at Akshay’s residence to claim legal custody of Shubham. Sunitha approaches them and inquires about her misplaced pouch. Kabir promptly hands over the pouch to Sunitha, who expresses her gratitude. Inside the pouch, Sunitha discovers a locket and presents it as a gift to Shubham. Just as Sunitha is about to lead Shubham indoors, Mohini intervenes, indicating that she has something important to disclose about Shubham to Sunitha.

Aparajita endeavors to dissuade Mohini from revealing the truth to Sunitha, but Mohini remains steadfast, ignoring Aparajita’s pleas. Undeterred, Mohini approaches Sunitha directly. Meanwhile, Akshay contacts Mohini and proposes a deal, wherein he offers her the opportunity to continue residing in their house. He fervently implores Mohini not to disclose the truth to Sunitha.

Simultaneously, Nia and the other girls partake in a joyous dance performance at the event. Dadi summons Chavi and inquires about the whereabouts of Akshay and Aparajita, as they are responsible for attending to the guests. Chavi assures Dadi that she will handle the guests, speculating that Akshay and Aparajita might be preoccupied with other matters.

Sunitha inquires Mohini about the message she wishes to convey. Mohini graciously offers chocolates to Shubham and captures a selfie with Sunitha and Shubham, commending their presence. Sunitha and Shubham then proceed indoors.

Manish reprimands Mohini for abruptly altering the plan. He declares that he will no longer assist her and departs from the scene.

Kabir receives a phone call from his superiors and subsequently informs Akshay that he must depart. He requests Akshay to notify him if any trouble arises before leaving the vicinity.

Mohini urges Akshay to enter and publicly announce that she will be staying at his house. Aparajita intercepts Akshay and questions his actions. Mohini taunts Aparajita and asserts that she will evict her from the house.

One of Ashmith’s guests consumes spicy food and expresses dissatisfaction. Ashmith apologizes to the guests and inquires of Kalpana’s whereabouts. Asha apologizes on behalf of Ashmith and promptly arranges non-spicy food for the guests. Ashmith inquires about Aparajita and Akshay to Asha, who speculates that they may be somewhere nearby. After a while, Ashmith approaches Arjun and voices his concern about Aparajita and Akshay’s absence from the party.

Aparajita provokes Mohini, intentionally trying to elicit a reaction. Mohini retaliates by mocking Aparajita and boldly stating her intention to prevent Disha’s marriage from taking place. Sensing an opportunity, Aparajita continues to provoke Mohini, hoping to coax a confession out of her regarding her past misdeeds. Eventually, Mohini succumbs to the pressure and admits in front of Akshay and Aparajita that she attempted to kill Dadi and tampered with Arjun’s drink. Aparajita reveals that she has secretly recorded Mohini’s confession as evidence. Soon, the police arrive at the scene and apprehend Mohini, taking her into custody. Akshay warns Mohini that if she ever reveals the truth about Shubham to anyone, he will ensure that she receives the harshest punishment possible.

Meanwhile, Ashmith, feeling indignant and disrespected, expresses his anger to Arjun and declares his intention to leave the house. In a chance encounter, Ashmith crosses paths with Aparajita and Akshay, who promptly apologize and persuade him to stay at the party, assuring him that they value his presence.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Mohini is being transported in a police vehicle. However, it is revealed that the driver is Manish, one of Mohini’s accomplices, and the police officers in the car are under her command. Mohini smugly reflects to herself that her cunning is underestimated. Inwardly, she silently communicates to Aparajita, vowing to execute her plan on the day of the marriage.

[Episode End]

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