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Main Hoon Aparajita 20 May 2023 Written Story Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 20 May 2023 Written Story Update On

Aparajita brought Shubh to Kalpana, and the latter expressed her gratitude. Afterward, Kalpana called Akshay and urgently requested his return. She explained to Aparajita that she had grown worried about Shubh, so she had sent Akshay to the airport to intercept Mohini. However, she had called him back since her concerns were alleviated.

Mohini, filled with anger, vowed to ruin Aparajita’s life and destroy everything dear to her in order to win back Akshay.

Aparajita informed Kalpana that she had confronted Mohini, warning her to stay away from her family and forbidding her from entering their house again. Just then, Akshay arrived and inquired about Shubh’s well-being. Kalpana nodded, taking Shubh away from the scene. Akshay’s gaze fixed upon Aparajita, who attempted to leave. He questioned her, asking why she had gone alone without informing him. He emphasized the potential dangers she could have faced and the burden it would place on him if anything had happened to her. Aparajita retaliated, reminding him that he too had hidden the fact that Shubh was his son. Akshay averted his gaze, proceeding to explain that Mohini had manipulated him, exploiting his family’s vulnerability. Initially, he believed Mohini’s actions were in the best interest of his family and never suspected that she had orchestrated everything to ensnare him in her favors. He revealed that Kalpana’s husband had been coerced into marrying Mohini, who then became pregnant with Shubh and agreed to give her son to Kalpana. Akshay expressed his concern for his mother-in-law, stating that she would not be able to bear the truth being exposed. Therefore, they had to find a way to prevent Mohini from revealing the truth and ruining Disha’s wedding. Aparajita assured him that she had an idea to thwart Mohini’s plans.

In the morning, Aparajita performs the aarti and distributes prasad to everyone, but there is confusion as they realize it’s something different. Aparajita explains that Mohini might try to spoil the haldi ceremony, so they need to protect the haldi until it is applied to Disha. She hands out earphones and instructs everyone to communicate about everything. She believes they are prepared for Mohini’s actions.

Meanwhile, Mohini instructs her lawyer to prepare everything necessary to confront Aparajita.

The haldi ceremony commences, and Kabir stands guard at the house, instructing his men to keep an eye out for Mohini. Sunita arrives, and Dadi informs Kabir that she is Kalpana’s mother-in-law. Kalpana becomes anxious upon seeing her. Sunita approaches Shubh and remarks that he has lost weight. Kalpana greets Sunita, but she ignores her.

Chhavi brings Disha to the ceremony, and Kabir smiles upon seeing them. He accidentally bumps into Arjun, causing Chhavi and Disha to burst into laughter.

Aparajita initiates the haldi ceremony and applies haldi to Disha and Arjun. Chhavi discreetly signals to her and then leaves. Aparajita meets Sunita, who questions why Shubh looks tired. Kalpana observes their conversation. Aparajita asks Shubh to go and play, and Sunita comments that Shubh is just like his father.

Mohini emerges from the confines of Aparajita’s residence, only to be intercepted by Kabir. Determined, Mohini declares that she will not depart without her son, Shubh, in tow. With a flourish, she presents the legal documents to support her claim. Sensing the urgency, Kabir promptly dials Akshay and urgently requests his presence outside, revealing Mohini’s presence. Manish, perplexed, questions Kabir’s authority to impede their departure, to which Kabir confidently identifies himself as ACP Kabir. Meanwhile, Akshay relays the news to Aparajita, informing her that Mohini has arrived and suggesting that she stay inside while he handles the situation. Undeterred, Aparajita insists on accompanying Akshay. In a defiant tone, Mohini informs Kabir that his attempts to halt her are futile, as she has arrived to claim her legal son. Akshay and Aparajita swiftly arrive at the scene, accompanied by the lawyer, who affirms that Shubh is indeed Mohini’s son, armed with the necessary legal documentation. Acknowledging the status of their visitors, Akshay graciously invites them to enter. Mohini stands stunned, taken aback by this unexpected turn of events. Just then, Sunita appears alongside Shubh and Kalpana, joining the gathering.

[Episode End]

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