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Main Hoon Aparajita 10th May 2023 Written Story Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 10th May 2023 Written Story Update On

Upon viewing the video, Disha informed Aparajita that Arjun’s drink was likely spiked with medicine, which caused him to forget everything. Disha decided to confront Niya about the incident, as she believed Niya could not be reformed at this point. Aparajita cautioned Disha that even if they showed the wrapper to Niya and her associates, they would likely deny having given it to Arjun. Instead, they would need to find a way to get Mohini to confess to the act.

Niya and Arjun were in the middle of their dance practice when Arjun expressed his doubts about his ability to perform well. Niya encouraged him, saying, “Please don’t give up. You can do this.” Just then, Disha arrived with Chhavi and Asha. Niya asked, “What brings you here?” Asha replied, “We all want to dance at your sangeet.”

Niya declined the offer, saying that she didn’t need any more performers. However, Disha taunted her, asking if she was scared to compete with her. Mohini appeared at that moment and hugged Niya, providing her with some comfort. Aparajita, another acquaintance, also showed up and asked Mohini if everything was alright. Mohini accused her of plotting against her, but Aparajita retorted that Mohini was too suspicious of others’ intentions. Niya left with Mohini, and the dance teacher told Arjun to relax and take it easy.

Niya confides in Mohini about her fear of being exposed by Aparajita, prompting her to delete all photos from Arjun’s phone. Mohini tries to reassure Niya that Aparajita didn’t find any incriminating evidence, but Niya reveals that she forgot to hide a saree, which she stashed in Dadi’s room. Mohini assures Niya that Aparajita won’t find it.

Meanwhile, Aparajita confronts Arjun and gives him juice, revealing that they know Niya gave him medicine. She asks if he remembers anything else and Arjun confesses that he thought it was Disha in the red saree. Aparajita assures him that it’s not his fault and promises to prove his innocence. Arjun apologizes for hurting her and leaves. Aparajita vows not to forgive Mohini for her involvement in the situation.

Niya entered Dadi’s room accompanied by a veiled maid, who was actually Mohini. She requested Dadi to allow Mohini to massage her feet. However, Dadi refused at first, but Niya insisted, convincing her that Mohini would give her an excellent massage. Finally, Dadi agreed and got up from the bed to sit while Mohini started massaging her feet. Meanwhile, Niya searched for a saree in the room and found it under Dadi’s bed.

Dadi became angry at Mohini and scolded her for no reason. Suddenly, Aparajita entered the room, and Niya panicked, asking Mohini to leave, but Aparajita stopped her. She smelled Niya’s perfume and recognized her. Aparajita then showed Niya the saree and accused her of wearing it to trick Arjun into marrying her instead of Disha.

Dadi was enraged and slapped Mohini while Niya tried to stop her. Aparajita threatened Niya, saying that she would stop beating Mohini only if Niya told the truth. Finally, Niya confessed that she had spiked Arjun’s drink and blackmailed him by taking photos with him. Dadi was disappointed, and Aparajita called Arjun to confront Niya. However, Mohini revealed that Arjun was not present, as she had sent him out of the house.

Mohini laughed and said that no one would believe Niya’s story, and Arjun would never know the truth. Despite this, Aparajita promised to uncover the truth and bring Niya to justice.

[Episode End]

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