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Main Hoon Aparajita 12th May 2023 Written Story Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 12th May 2023 Written Story Update On

Arjun hands the USB to Akshay and informs him that it will reveal how Niya has been monitoring Mohini. Akshay inspects the USB and gives Niya a furious look. In a panic, Niya receives a scolding from Akshay, who questions her about her actions against Disha. Suddenly, it dawns on Niya that it was all just a nightmare. Akshay inquires if everything is all right. Aparajita arrives, and she thinks that if Akshay discovers the truth, he will lose respect for Niya. Arjun makes an attempt to offer the USB to Akshay, but Aparajita signals him to stop, so he accompanies her instead.

Aparajita advises Arjun that if Akshay learns about the evidence against Niya, he will lose respect for his daughter, and they should not punish her for her actions. Disha argues that if they do not, then Niya and Arjun’s marriage will not come to an end. Aparajita proposes a plan and informs them of it.

Niya approaches Arjun, crying, and apologizes, declaring that she loves him dearly and that is why she did it. Arjun responds by saying that he has given it a lot of thought and is willing to marry her, but he has a condition. Niya inquires what it is. Arjun responds that he will not reveal what she has done, but their marriage will be a compromise. They will live as strangers, and since she has already shattered him, he will do as she desires. He then departs. Niya breaks down and sobs.

Arjun informs Aparajita that he has already disclosed everything to Niya. In response, Aparajita predicts that Niya will now call off the wedding herself.

Later, Niya contacts Mohini and shares that Arjun has agreed to marry her, but he considers it a mere compromise. Mohini advises her to focus on the wedding preparations and not worry about anything else.

The daughters prepare for the wedding as planned, and Aparajita assures them that everything will go smoothly. She specifically tells Disha that Arjun will soon be hers and promises to handle Niya as if she were her own daughter. Asha expresses her admiration and appreciation for Aparajita, and they all share a warm hug.

Niya approaches Arjun and attempts to speak with him, saying they don’t have matching dresses and asks for forgiveness. However, Arjun rebukes her, claiming that she has committed a sin. Niya proposes that they can still be friends and fall in love after marriage, but Arjun firmly rejects her, stating that he could never love her after what she did to him. Niya breaks down in tears as Arjun walks away.

Aparajita finds Niya upset and asks why she isn’t ready for the sangeet. Niya remains silent, but Aparajita praises Arjun for not revealing the truth to Akshay despite knowing it. Niya expresses her belief that Arjun thinks she cannot be loyal to anyone. Aparajita reminds Niya that she still has time to regain Arjun’s respect and advises her to love herself first before forcing someone else to love her.

At the sangeet ceremony, Arjun accidentally drops his USB, which Aparajita notices. A man picks it up and hands it to the DJ. Asha gives another USB for the songs. Arjun realizes that his USB is missing and tells Aparajita, who saw the man take it. Akshay finds the USB that Arjun showed him before, and Arjun attempts to retrieve it. Aparajita informs Akshay that the USB belongs to Arjun, and he inspects it.

[Episode End]

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