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Main Hoon Aparajita 22 May 2023 Written Story Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 22 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Kabir sharing crucial information with Aparajita and Akshay regarding Mohini’s true identity as the mastermind behind the recent events. He reveals that she managed to cleverly escape from their grasp. Acknowledging Mohini’s cunning nature, Akshay mentions her tactic of employing fake police officers to aid her escape, emphasizing the need for caution. He urges Kabir to ensure that Mohini is unable to gain entry into their premises. Determined to protect their sanctuary, Kabir asserts that not even Mohini’s shadow will be permitted to set foot inside their house.

Manish inquires of Mohini if she is catching her breath, but receives no response. He proceeds to open the box. Meanwhile, Mohini sits and reveals her plan to leave Aparajita breathless by thwarting Disha’s marriage. She vows to ensure that Aparajita does not succeed in any way.

Aparajita adorns Disha with a bangle while emphasizing the significance of a daughter’s wedding day for a mother. Disha expresses her desire to become strong like Aparajita, capable of managing her new household. Aparajita advises her to approach her responsibilities at her in-law’s place with dedication, rather than merely considering them as duties. Disha promises to strive to emulate Aparajita’s strength. Aparajita expresses her wish for Disha to have a better life, different from her own, and hopes that her future will be free from sorrow. Overwhelmed with emotions, Disha embraces Aparajita, joined by Asha, Chavi, and Nis in a warm group hug.

Kabir and his team conduct thorough searches of every individual before granting them entry. However, Manish manages to disguise himself and sneak into the function carrying ice slabs. Kabir intercepts him and requests to inspect the contents. Manish presents the ice to Kabir, who then instructs them to open the box. Meanwhile, Kabir’s attention is drawn to the presence of dancers, prompting him to investigate further. Unfortunately, Kabir’s team neglects to examine the box and allows Manish to enter along with it.

Aparajita, anticipating Mohini’s arrival, ponders how she will make her appearance. Soon enough, Mohini emerges from the box, while Manish skillfully distracts Aparajita and Akshay. Disguised as a dancer, Mohini conceals her face with a veil and proceeds to carry out her plan. Aparajita and Akshay extend a warm welcome to the wedding procession, attending to the groom’s family and presenting them with gifts. Mohini seizes the opportunity while everyone is occupied with the wedding procession, knowing that Disha will be alone in the room.

Chavi, Nia, and Asha demand payment from Arjun in exchange for entry into the venue. Ashmith pays them a significant sum of money. Meanwhile, a constable approaches Aparajita and discreetly expresses suspicion regarding the ice box. Aparajita investigates and discovers Mohini’s locket inside the box. She urgently informs Akshay that Mohini has infiltrated the venue. Mohini, noticing that Aparajita has uncovered her locket, becomes aware of the situation. Akshay immediately notifies Kabir that Mohini has entered the premises, prompting Kabir to alert his team.

Realizing the imminent danger to Disha and Arjun, Aparajita insists to Akshay that they must prevent Mohini from causing harm to them.

[Episode End]

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