Faltu 16 May 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 16 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Sid’s henchmen hastily fleeing as the police make their presence known at the scene. Janardan had alerted the authorities, and he expresses his gratitude to them. The inspector inquires if they have any knowledge of who might have sent the goons. Faltu dismisses the question, emphasizing that getting to the court is of utmost importance.

During their journey, Janardan questions Faltu about the file’s actual arrival at the court. Faltu confesses that she had lied and instead concealed the family in a temple outside the court premises. Concerned about the possibility of misplacing the file, Janardan seeks reassurance from Faltu, who assures him that her friend is keeping a close watch on it.

Inside the courtroom, Tanisha embraces Ayaan, feigning concern and asking how he is doing. Ayaan disengages from the hug and admonishes Tanisha to stop her theatrics. Tanisha continues to pretend she cares, accusing Faltu of not having arrived yet. Ayaan confidently asserts that Faltu will come with the evidence. Tanisha retorts by claiming that Faltu had already stated the evidence had reached the court, insinuating that Faltu is a habitual liar. Ayaan taunts Tanisha, highlighting her own penchant for deception.

At that moment, Janardan enters the courtroom and reunites with Ayaan. Ayaan inquires about Faltu’s whereabouts, and Janardan responds by informing him that Faltu has gone to retrieve the evidence. Kanika is stunned to see Faltu’s unexpected arrival at the court, despite Sid’s attempt to hinder her progress by sending the goons. Tanisha speculates that Faltu must have outsmarted them. Kanika deeply regrets underestimating Faltu.

The court hearing commences, with Ayaan making a plea to the judge for self-representation, as no lawyer is willing to take on his case. The prosecutor accuses Ayaan of cheating, but Ayaan vehemently defends his innocence. Seeking proof to support his claims, the judge inquires about evidence. Ayaan states that his wife possesses the necessary evidence and requests the judge for additional time. However, the prosecutor objects to this extension. Meanwhile, Suhanna ventures out to locate Faltu and upon her return, informs Janardan that Faltu is nowhere to be found.

Unexpectedly, Faltu arrives at the court. Ayaan appeals to her for the file, but she tearfully reveals that the file was snatched by some goons from her friend, leaving Ayaan and his family shocked. Ayaan informs the judge that the file has been misplaced and implores him to grant them more time to recover it. Expressing disappointment, the judge admonishes both Ayaan and Faltu. The prosecutor seizes the opportunity to urge the judge to declare Ayaan guilty and impose a severe punishment. Faltu pleads with the judge, requesting a chance to retrieve the evidence. Ayaan also implores the judge for additional time to prove his innocence and expose the framing against him. Eventually, the judge agrees to their request but warns them to come prepared for the next court hearing.

Faltu wept as he apologized to Ayaan, who responded by urging him not to give up and to take care of his family. Kanika praised the prosecutor for his impressive performance in front of the judge. Meanwhile, Tanisha cruelly mocked Faltu, placing the blame for Ayaan’s predicament squarely on his shoulders. She demanded that Faltu remove himself from Ayaan’s life if he truly wanted to save him. In a shocking revelation, Tanisha disclosed how she had discovered the whereabouts of the file, citing the driver as her source of information. Faltu was stunned by this revelation, unable to comprehend the extent of Tanisha’s arrogance as she proclaimed that money could buy anything. She implored Faltu to surrender and walk away from Ayaan’s life in order to save him, and then she departed, leaving Faltu shattered and in tears.

Back at home, Savita, Kumkum, and Dadi heard the sound of a car approaching and prepared to welcome Ayaan. Tanisha, Kanika, and Sid arrived home as well. Savita couldn’t resist taunting Tanisha, but Tanisha embraced her, feigning concern for their well-being. She criticized their misplaced trust in Faltu, who had failed to safeguard the file. Savita refused to believe her and insisted on calling Faltu. Just as she made the request, Faltu returned home with Janardan and Suhanna. Savita confronted Faltu, demanding to know where Ayaan was since he had promised to bring him back. Tearfully, Faltu confessed that he had failed to save Ayaan as the file had gone missing. This revelation left Savita, Dadi, and Kumkum in shock, and Faltu apologized profusely to Savita for his failure.

[Episode End]

Precap : Tanisha announces her firm decision to evict everyone from the house, revealing her intention to proceed with its immediate auction. The unexpected revelation leaves everyone utterly stunned.

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