Faltu 20 May 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 20 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Tanisha and Ayaan engaged in a conversation. Tanisha playfully nudges Ayaan while they discuss selling J R Mart. A surge of anger overwhelms Ayaan, causing him to shout at Tanisha. Undeterred, Tanisha adds that they are also selling the house. Ayaan finds it hard to believe that someone could be so heartless. Tanisha accuses Faltu of being responsible for all the chaos. She believes that this disaster could be prevented if Ayaan stood by her side. However, Ayaan vehemently declares that he will never live with Tanisha and will never abandon Faltu. Tanisha tries to prove that Faltu is the primary culprit behind all the troubles, but Ayaan objects. He stands up for Faltu and provides examples to support his stance. Tanisha’s anger intensifies upon hearing Ayaan’s defense. Ayaan continues to highlight the greatness of Faltu.

In an office setting, a chairman reprimands the staff while a police officer struggles to locate his sister. Urging them to expedite their efforts, he departs. Meanwhile, Faltu passes by a playground where a cricket match is underway. Suddenly, chaos erupts as one of the players accidentally strikes a girl with the ball. Fear and nervousness grip her amidst the commotion. Faltu rushes to her side, offering solace and inquiring about her well-being. The girl, named Sanaya, shares her gratitude and reveals her address. Impressed by Faltu’s strength, she embraces her tightly. Faltu decides to assist Sanaya in reaching her home safely.

In another situation, Ayaan questions Tanisha about her capacity to love someone. With a curt tone, he asserts that she will remain alone for the rest of her life. Ayaan predicts that Tanisha’s fabricated relationship with Sid will eventually crumble, and even Kanika, her own mother, will abandon her daughter. Repeatedly emphasizing her potential loneliness, Ayaan instills fear in Tanisha.

As the young girl reveals her home address, she points out the house that belongs to the man interested in purchasing their property and company. Faltu is taken aback by this discovery. Spotting Sayana, all the family members rush towards her and usher her inside. Faltu seizes the opportunity to join them but is halted by the security. She pleads with the security to call for Sayana’s presence. After entering, Sayana instructs Dai Maa to bring Faltu inside and asks Daima to prepare a delicious meal for her.

Faltu enters the room and embraces Sanaya, while the lawyer Faltu previously encountered observes them together. Sayana expresses her gratitude to Faltu and introduces her to the others. Faltu expresses her urgency to meet her brother. Sayana assures her that she will arrange the meeting. However, they are intercepted by the lawyer, who states that no one can meet Ruhan without an appointment. Nonetheless, Sayana rushes to her brother and offers her apologies. Ruhan notices Faltu’s presence.

Recalling Tanisha’s words, Ayaan’s mind fills with unease, contemplating how he can protect his family. The image of his father’s joyful face upon finalizing the deal lingers in his thoughts, intensifying his concern. He ponders over the daunting task of extricating himself from this troubling predicament. As his mind races, a fellow prisoner notices the tension etched on Ayaan’s face and inquires about the cause. Meanwhile, the Mittal family finds themselves embroiled in a deep crisis, desperately seeking a solution to safeguard their home. In the midst of their distress, Ayaan calls to inquire about the state of affairs at their residence. Despite their attempt to conceal the true extent of their troubles, Ayaan astutely declares his awareness of the situation. Curiosity about Faltu’s whereabouts also arises, prompting Ayaan to question Dadi, who responds by stating that Faltu has left to meet with other officials.

[Episode End]

Precap : Faltu explains the entire situation to Ruhan, revealing how Tanisha is deceitfully selling the property and how they were betrayed by Kanika. However, Ruhan confidently declares his determination to reclaim it now.

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