Faltu 18 May 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 18 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Faltu daydreaming, imagining Ayaan motivating her. Eventually, she falls asleep. Kinsukh approaches Faltu and reveals that he overheard Kanika discussing her plans. He informs Faltu about Kanika’s intentions to sell the business and their house. Faltu grows concerned upon hearing this news.

Meanwhile, another scene portrays a man watching a video clip of Faltu and Ayaan on a large screen. Another individual informs him that Kanika has agreed to sell him the business and wishes to speak with him. The man confidently states that Kanika will eventually agree since no one can refuse Ruan. He instructs them to bring the lawyer inside. The man acknowledges the request and leaves. The lawyer assures them that he has reviewed the legal papers concerning the business and everything is in order. He mentions that Faltu approached him to represent Ayaan in court, but he declined.

Faltu arrives at the cricket academy while jogging and reminisces about Ayaan’s words. She begins practicing her batting skills. Suddenly, she receives a call from Dadi, urgently requesting her presence. Faltu hurries back home and finds Govind slapping Sid. Faltu intervenes, stopping Govind’s actions. Kanika asserts that the decision to sell the business and the house was hers, not Sid’s. She questions why they are opposing the decision now, considering they are ready to leave the house. Kanika adds that they don’t need to vacate the house immediately. Govind and Dadi scold Sid, blaming his actions on his mother. In response, Sid requests that they not involve his mother in the matter, as she is the only one who understands him.

Janardan makes the decision to leave the house immediately and instructs the family to pack their belongings. However, he stumbles, causing concern among the family members. Tanisha implores Kanika not to sell the house, emphasizing that Ayaan won’t forgive her for it. Kanika remains resolute in her decision and once again urges Janardan not to leave the house right away. Dadi breaks down in tears, expressing her attachment to the house and the cherished memories it holds. Faltu consoles Dadi, asserting that while Kanika may be able to break the physical house, she cannot break their familial bond. Saavi appeals to Kanika, accusing her of taking everything away from them and pleading for the return of Ayaan at the very least. Despite the family’s pleas, Janardan remains determined to leave the house immediately.

However, Faltu manages to convince him to wait, as there are still two weeks before the auction. Faltu decides to take action. Kanika is surprised when Ruan, the prospective buyer, doesn’t come in person to finalize the deal, instead sending his manager. The manager remarks that meeting people is not something Ruan enjoys and reveals that there is no photo of him on the internet or any presence on social media. He hands over the file to Kanika, stating that they won’t find a better deal than this. Later, the manager informs Ruan that Kanika has agreed to the deal and its conditions. This information is overheard by an employee who then informs Faltu. Faltu is shocked to learn that they plan to change the company’s name. Janardan is astonished when he overhears Faltu discussing this on the phone.

Faltu asks Kinshukh to gather more details about Ruan, as she feels the need to meet him at any cost. However, Kinshukh admits that he couldn’t find much information. Just then, Faltu and Kinshukh receive news that Janardan has fallen in the bathroom. They rush to see him, where Janardan tearfully laments the impending sale of his business and house. Faltu and the family join in his sorrow. They express their concern about the whereabouts of the doctor. Eventually, the doctor arrives. Sid, Kanika, and Tanisha learn about Janardan’s accident in the bathroom, and while Tanisha wants to see him, Govind prevents her from doing so. Kanika receives a call from Ruan, prompting the trio to leave and meet him to finalize the deal. Faltu grows increasingly worried upon hearing this news.

[Episode End]

Precap : Tanisha addresses the family and suggests that they all leave the house together with Faltu, considering the impending auction of their home.

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