Faltu 22 May 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 22 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Faltu bidding farewell, although Ruan appears dissatisfied with Faltu’s presence. Shanaya approaches Faltu and asks for Faltu’s contact number. Faltu recollects Ruan’s previous request to keep a distance from Shanaya. Shanaya requests Faltu to teach her cricket. When Ruan suggests accompanying Faltu, Faltu takes his leave. Faltu pleads with Ruan not to change the company’s name, emphasizing the tremendous effort invested in building it. Ruan responds by stating his inability to comply, advising Faltu to concentrate on bailing out Ayaan instead. Faltu asserts Ayaan’s innocence, believing he would never act against the company’s interests. A lawyer enters and informs them of the lack of evidence available. Ruan points out that the court system operates on proof, emphasizing the insufficiency of mere beliefs. The lawyer proposes gathering testimonials from office employees to establish Ayaan’s innocence. Ruan suggests focusing on locating any supporting evidence as well. Faltu agrees and departs. Ruan’s mother advises Ruan against getting too close to Faltu solely because she assisted Shanaya, expressing her concerns. Ruan contemplates this advice.

Here, Kanika advises Tanisha to prioritize her packing as she is soon going to London since their business is not based here. Kanika further mentions her intention to help Tanisha nullify her marriage with Sid. Sid overhears this and is taken aback. Tanisha responds by stating that she doesn’t care about Sid and wants to be with Ayaan. She expresses her determination not to let Faltu win again by leaving. Kanika adds that Faltu has already suffered losses, including their house, business, and Ayaan. Consequently, they won’t have anything left because of Faltu. Kanika suggests a suitable compensation for Sid, allowing him to live happily with his parents since Janardhan might no longer want to stay with Sid. Sid becomes furious, feeling unjustly cast aside. He contemplates taking action.

Meanwhile, Faltu approaches her friends and informs them about her encounter with Ruan, which led her to meet a golf-playing lawyer. Faltu and her friends decide to inspect the traffic camera near the temple. They find the traffic police officer feeling dizzy and offer assistance, providing him with water. They kindly request access to the CCTV footage. While examining the footage, Faltu notices a car’s number plate and realizes she has seen it somewhere before. The traffic police officer mentions that nowadays thieves don’t use such number plates. Faltu asserts her certainty that she has seen it but is unsure of the exact location.

Kinshuk informs Ayesha that his father’s car will be coming to pick her up. Ayesha responds by saying that she’s going to her parents’ house because Kinshuk chose to stay with his family instead of her. Kinshuk attempts to explain himself, but Ayesha remains stubborn, convinced that he prioritizes his family and Faltu over her and their baby. Ayesha ultimately leaves with her baby.

Meanwhile, in jail, Faltu pays a visit to Ayaan. Ayaan expresses her surprise at learning from Tanisha that both their business and house were sold, questioning why Faltu had kept this information hidden. Faltu admits that she didn’t want to add any stress to Ayaan’s life. Ayaan advises against such secrecy, emphasizing the importance of open communication. Ayaan then seeks to understand the current situation and advises Faltu to distance herself from Ruan, cautioning her that not everyone is as kind as she is. Faltu reveals that she received assistance from a renowned lawyer who happened to be Ruan’s legal representative. Faltu explains how she managed to save Shanaya, only to discover that Ruan is actually her brother. Faltu describes Shanaya’s strange behavior, as she goes through rapid shifts in emotions—being happy, sad, and angry all at once. Ayaan senses that something is amiss. Faltu also mentions a traffic light CCTV footage and shares the car number with Ayaan, sparking Ayaan’s curiosity about the owner of the vehicle.

[Episode End]

Precap : Faltu pays a visit to Bhushan but is unable to locate him. According to the neighbors, Faltu learns that Bhushan departed for the village a few days ago.

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