Faltu 15th May 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 15th May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The scene unfolds as Faltu confronts Sid and Kanika, questioning how they intend to prove her guilt in stealing the file from their house. Tanisha, overcome with anger, attempts to strike Faltu, but Faltu firmly grasps her hand, cautioning her against any further aggressive actions. Refusing to disclose the whereabouts of the file, Faltu boldly asserts that it will find its way to the court directly. She sternly warns Tanisha about her deplorable act of dispatching henchmen to attack Ayaan while he was in jail. Dadi, upon hearing this revelation, becomes incensed and lunges to slap Sid, only to be halted by Faltu, who intercedes. Realizing her misstep, Faltu apologizes to Kumkum for involving Suhanna in her plan without prior communication. Kumkum reassures Faltu, assuring her that she acted with good intentions. Ayaan’s family rallies behind Faltu, offering their unwavering support. Seizing the moment, Faltu mocks Tanisha and urges her to seek legal counsel to safeguard herself.

Tanisha is seething with anger as Faltu emerges victorious over her. Despite Kanika and Sid’s attempts to pacify her, their efforts prove fruitless. In an attempt to reason with Tanisha, Kanika suggests that only if the case reaches the court can Ayaan’s innocence be established. She then implores Sid to keep a close watch on Faltu and snatch the papers when Faltu presents them in court. Tanisha sternly warns Sid not to make any mistakes this time and emphasizes that she alone will secure Ayaan’s release from jail, not Faltu, asserting that Ayaan is and always will be hers. After their exchange, Tanisha and Kanika depart.

Sid, consumed by rage, laments that Tanisha fails to see his love for her, despite him going against his own family for her sake. Determined to hinder Faltu for his own benefit, Sid resolves to take action.

Meanwhile, Ayaan’s family rejoices at his impending return home. Janardan surprises everyone by expressing his desire to have tea with sugar. Savita presents Faltu with a gold bangle as a gift, apologizing for not giving it to her earlier. She explains that their family is currently facing financial difficulties, limiting her ability to provide more. Ayesha becomes envious witnessing this gesture and reminds the family that Ayaan is still in jail, highlighting that their stay in the house is contingent upon Tanisha’s benevolence, which could be withdrawn at any time. Kinshuk questions Ayesha about her sudden change in attitude, and she retorts by asking him about the risks he took by aligning himself with Faltu’s plans. Janardan reminds Ayesha that Faltu is her sister-in-law, but Ayesha contends that Faltu has become ungrateful after marrying Ayaan, accusing her of involving the family without consulting anyone. She also points out that Saavi never gifted her any jewelry, unlike the bangle given to Faltu. Saavi rebuts Ayesha’s claims, stating that she declined the jewelry due to its outdated design. In a fit of anger, Ayesha storms off.

Faltu’s refusal to accept the bangle was met with Saavi’s assurance that she would convince Ayesha. The arrival of Tanisha and Kanika added to the situation as they mocked Saavi for gifting the bangle to Faltu. However, Janardan stepped in to praise Faltu and taunt Tanisha, stating that Faltu had won his heart. He also mentioned that Ayaan was returning home because of Faltu’s efforts, which called for a celebration. Kanika reminded Janardan that Tanisha was the owner of the house and had the power to throw everyone, including Ayaan, out. Tanisha intervened, asking Kanika to let the matter go, and they left. Faltu reassured the family, bringing a sense of calm.

Meanwhile, at the police station, the inspector decided to mock Ayaan, warning him not to be too confident about winning the case. Ayaan, however, remained certain that his wife would secure his release and retorted with a taunt of his own. This left the inspector wondering about the evidence Ayaan’s wife possessed. Meanwhile, Sid relayed instructions to the goons, instructing them to prevent Faltu from reaching the court. Tanisha, concerned for her family, urged Sid to ensure their safety, reminding him that they were her family too.

Faltu, Janardan, and Suhaana found themselves in court, while the rest of the family, including the ladies, stayed at home to prepare for Ayaan’s arrival. Kinshuk remained behind as well, as Ayesha had requested him to look after their child. However, their journey to the court took an unexpected turn when they encountered a group of menacing goons. These goons confronted Faltu, demanding to know the whereabouts of a certain file. Faltu cleverly responded, suggesting that Tanisha, someone known for such actions, had already sent the file to the court. This revelation left Tanisha astonished, although she remained skeptical and decided to personally verify its accuracy at the court. In the meantime, she instructed the goons to keep Faltu, Janardan, and Suhaana detained.

Unable to leave due to the goons’ intervention, Faltu took shelter in a car with an umbrella, urging Janardan and Suhaana to join her. They complied, seeking safety within the vehicle. Meanwhile, Ayaan arrived at the court and was approached by an inspector who inquired about his wife’s whereabouts. Ayaan confidently explained that Faltu had foreseen such an obstacle and had made all the necessary arrangements in advance.

[Episode End]

Precap : Faltu earnestly prays to God, seeking blessings for their beloved family. The members of the family express their unwavering faith, believing that as long as Faltu is by their side, nothing can harm them. However, Tanisha somberly reveals the house documents and announces that they have decided to sell their cherished abode.

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