Faltu 6th May 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 6th May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with a riveting situation unfolding in the Mittal family. Tanisha attempts to portray herself as innocent, and suddenly the electricity goes out. As the power outage persists, Faltu and Aryaaan spontaneously break out into a dance on the stage. The romantic intimacy between them leaves the others in awe. They dance to the song “Rangi Saree” as Tanisha watches them with envy, vowing to teach them a lesson. She contacts someone in secret.

Once the dance concludes, Sid and Tanisha take to the stage to perform. Later, Faltu and Aryaaan join in, showcasing their powerful moves that uplift the audience’s mood. Dadi inquires where they had disappeared to.

All of a sudden, the attendees of the function become aware of the arrival of the police force. It becomes apparent that they have come to apprehend Ayaan, causing shock and disbelief among everyone present. Ayaan and Janardhan ask the police for the reason behind their arrival. The officers inform them that Ayaan has been involved in fraudulent activities at JM Mart and has engaged in illegal transactions, leading to his arrest. Faltu comes to Ayaan’s defense, stating that Tanisha has trapped him, while Ayaan believes that Tanisha has manipulated the documents to frame him. Faltu insults Sid, as she suspects that the latter has invited Ayaan to the function for this exact purpose.

During the function, Tanisha expresses her support for Ayaan, which angers Faltu who shouts at her. Meanwhile, Sumitra and Kanika try to undermine Faltu’s confidence. Faltu accuses Tanisha of conspiring against her, but Ayaan’s mother pleads with Kanika to stop the hostility. Faltu claims that Kanika’s actions are fake and that she has never truly treated the family as her own. The police arrive with a warrant for Ayaan’s arrest, causing further tension. Janardhan becomes ill in the midst of the chaos. Tanisha feigns concern, but Ayaan reminds her that her actions will only make her more isolated and that the family will stand by Faltu. Kanika promises to stand by her daughter.

Faltu requested the police force for some time, but they had no task at the moment. Consequently, they took Ayaan with them. Before departing, Faltu assured Ayaan that she would liberate her soon and support her throughout the ordeal. Faltu also reminded Tanisha that her insincere feelings towards Ayaan would only lead to self-guilt. After all the guests left, Sumitra encouraged her son to defeat the opposing parties. Sid appeared confident that he would eventually triumph over Tanisha.

In the confines of the police station, Ayaan finds himself behind bars and visibly distressed by his predicament. He endures further hardship as he is subject to mistreatment and ridicule from fellow inmates. Despite this, Ayaan remains unfazed by their taunts and refuses to engage with them. While his captors offer food to the prisoners, Ayaan is left without any sustenance. Janardhan, who is present at the station, becomes increasingly anxious about Ayaan’s situation, causing his wife to break down in tears. The family pleads with Janardhan to secure Ayaan’s release. In this moment of despair, Faltu offers words of encouragement to uplift everyone’s spirits. [Episode End]

Precap : Tanisha was captured taking a photo of Ayaan and stating that she will protect him at all costs. However, she also mentioned that whatever she did against Ayaan was actually a retaliation against Faltu. Just then, Faltu arrived and confirmed that she would never abandon her husband. This meant that Tanisha’s desire to take revenge against Faltu would never be fulfilled.

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