Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17 May 2023 Written Story Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Aarohi reflecting on everything that has transpired. Overwhelmed, she begins packing her clothes and comes across a photograph of Abhi and Ruhi, which brings tears to her eyes. Abhi enters the room, and Aarohi expresses her struggle, stating that she sees no reason to stay when he is determined to distance himself. Abhi mentions that she withheld information about Abhir. Aarohi counters by saying that he too kept secrets from her when there were no valid reasons to do so. Abhi explains that he concealed the truth, fearing it would cause pain to everyone, unaware that no one would be hurt in the process. Aarohi expresses how much he has hurt her and asks for one favor – not to inform the Goenka family about her departure from the house, as they are already concerned about Abhir’s surgery and custody. Curious, Abhi asks where she intends to go. Aarohi assures him not to worry, as she is a working single mother and can manage.

Meanwhile, there’s a knock on the door, and Akshu calls out for Muskaan, who is crying. Kairav discovers a gift and realizes his oversight. In another setting, Manish and everyone discuss Muskaan’s situation. Suwarna laments their lack of understanding regarding Muskaan’s thoughts, while Surekha reminds them that she had previously warned them. She accuses Muskaan of manipulating Kairav, blaming him to make them feel guilty and allow her to stay in the house. Suwarna defends Muskaan, stating that although she may have feelings for Kairav, her intentions do not revolve around their household. Surekha insists on recognizing the truth, asserting that had Manish acknowledged it earlier, they wouldn’t be facing this predicament.

Meanwhile, Neela questions Abhinav about his presence in the situation. Abhinav explains that Muskaan never revealed anything to him. Akshu interjects, admitting that Muskaan confided in her. Abhinav questions why Akshu didn’t inform him, to which she responds that Muskaan explicitly requested her not to tell anyone. Abhinav asserts his right to know, while Akshu points out his lack of time for meaningful conversations, only coming home to eat and leaving again. Abhinav clarifies that his intentions are to earn money for their sake, but Akshu disagrees, suggesting that he is striving to be on par with Abhi. Aarohi expresses her concerns about the difficulties Ruhi will face when leaving the house.

Abhi arrives and firmly holds Aarohi’s hand, guiding her along. Meanwhile, Akshu and Abhinav engage in a heated argument. Aarohi intervenes, pleading for an end to this madness, blaming Abhinav’s relentless pursuit of money for driving a wedge between them and Abhir. Abhinav insists that it matters to him because it ensures Abhir remains with him, promising to work tirelessly for their son’s welfare, even if it means working around the clock. Abhi assures Aarohi that she and Ruhi will not go anywhere. Manjiri clarifies that she never suggested they would. Abhi expresses his determination not to let Ruhi leave, desiring custody of both Ruhi and Abhir. He declares that Aarohi and Ruhi will not leave the house.

Amidst the emotional atmosphere, Akshu sings the aarti and sheds tears, leaving everyone concerned. Abhir joins in and sings “O Kanha,” bringing smiles to everyone’s faces. Manjiri concludes the aarti and offers a laddoo to Ruhi, distributing prasad to everyone. She departs from the scene. Abhi emphasizes to Akshu that she is a mother, just like Aarohi, and a grandmother, urging her to understand. He then leaves. Akshu proceeds to offer aarti to everyone. Kairav notices Muskaan, while Neela informs Akshu that they will be returning to Kasauli. Akshu pleads with her, mentioning Muskaan’s need to provide notice at her office. Manish proposes finding a solution, but Neela tearfully expresses her shame and suggests it would be best to leave. Akshu implores Abhinav to talk to them, but he supports their decision, advising Akshu not to hinder them. Neela and Muskaan depart. Manish implores someone to find a way to stop them, to prevent the family from falling apart. Neela gives money to Abhinav, insisting he books their tickets. He feels uneasy about accepting the money, questioning whether a man ceases to be a son once he becomes a father. Overwhelmed, he hugs her, and they both shed tears. Abhinav rushes to his car, assuring Abhir that he will be there in 15 minutes. Abhir requests to play for 10 more minutes, stating that his doctor allowed it. Despite his hurry, Abhinav agrees, and as Abhir kicks the football, accidentally knocking over a vase, Abhinav grabs his car keys and rushes off. Abhir remarks that his father doesn’t even have time to scold him.

Akshu listens to the audio recording of the lawyer’s conversation. The lawyer suggests launching an attack, similar to what Abhi’s lawyer is doing. However, Abhi expresses his reluctance to resort to personal attacks. Akshu confesses her initial intention to remain fair, but the circumstances have made it challenging. Meanwhile, Abhi overhears his lawyer’s audio and discovers that Akshu is married to Abhinav, prompting the lawyer to provide pointers to prove Akshu’s inadequacy as a mother, threatening the custody of Abhir. Akshu and Abhi sit together, overcome by emotions, reminiscing about the past and expressing their sorrow poetically.

[Episode End]

Precap : Abhir, feeling disappointed, expresses his discontent, stating that both Akshu and Abhi are being unfair. He had requested their presence to play football with him and had also asked them to book his ticket. In that moment, he notices Abhi and rushes to hug him. Akshu, observing this interaction, realizes that they have forgotten to truly live and enjoy their time with Abhir due to their constant fear of losing him.

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