Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th May 2023 Written Story Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Abhi sending a message to Manjiri, who promptly calls him and places the phone on speaker. The lady on the other end insists that they must ensure Abhinav can provide a comfortable life and sufficient resources for the child. Akshu’s lawyer warns that Abhinav has a temperamental personality, but both parents can raise the child effectively. The lady counters that Abhinav is the biological father, and an out-of-court settlement is necessary to preserve his reputation. The man assures them that they have all the answers, but the lady reveals Abhinav’s financial instability and lack of employment, with Akshara earning money by making jams. Additionally, Abhir’s surgery is being performed for free at Abhi’s hospital due to their hand-to-mouth situation. Kairav protests, but the lady suggests that they emphasize the child’s grandparents’ resources in court instead of his parents’ lack of savings and income. Manjiri spots Akshu and Abhinav, while Abhi overhears everything and breaks down. The lady remarks that they should have considered the child’s welfare and not hidden him until now. Abhinav coughs, and Akshu rushes to get water. The lady concludes the meeting, and Akshu confronts Abhi in the hallway, accusing him of mocking Abhinav’s self-esteem and exposing their poverty. Abhi asks why she targeted Abhinav’s financial status, and Anand warns him to back off. Manjiri argues that they should think about their son’s well-being, not their pride.

At home, Akshu approached Ahinav and asked if he was thinking the same thing. He replied that his salary was insufficient, his job was not good, and he only earned when tourists came. He loved their child very much and was willing to sacrifice his own life for him, but he couldn’t save his life because he didn’t have enough money for his treatment, education, and upbringing. He felt helpless and believed he had no talent, degree, or money.

Ahinav’s partner reminded him that skills can be learned, degrees can be obtained, and money can be earned. She shared her own life story with him, telling him how she and their child went to Mauritius and struggled to make a living with a gift shop. She acknowledged that everyone has problems, but some have money without happiness and peace in their family, while they have it. She encouraged him to trust themselves and reminded him of their own accomplishments as parents.

Ahinav leaned on her shoulder and acknowledged that they have moved on in their lives and he was proud of their achievements. She reminded him that money isn’t everything and that they have many things to be grateful for. She asked for his support in their long fight and he thanked her for always supporting him. They shared a moment of laughter and she left to check the balance in her account.

Kairav suggests making some changes and replacing the director of hospitality. Manish expresses his concerns about finding a hardworking and sincere replacement. Dadi suggests Abhinav as a suitable candidate, citing his qualities. Suwarna agrees to ask him. Manish agrees, and Abhinav expresses his gratitude but declines the offer, stating that he wants to prove himself and not cheat on his son’s test. Akshu intervenes, and Abhinav acknowledges that he is not suitable for the job, but appreciates their concern. Dadi apologizes for any offense caused, and Abhinav requests their blessings to pursue his preferred work.

According to Surekha, accepting the offer made by the Goenkas would be beneficial for Abhir, and although self-respect is important, it is also a good opportunity for him to become the Managing Director of the company and work as a driver if he wishes to do so. Abhinav, on the other hand, feels that he has achieved everything on his own, and changing his current situation would shatter him. Manish admires Abhinav’s strong sense of self-respect, which is a rarity in a world where many prioritize money over their values. Kairav wishes Abhinav the best of luck, and expresses his confidence that he can manage on his own. Meanwhile, Abhi returns home and observes the conversation.

[Episode End]

Precap : Abhinav rented a cab and Nishta requested that Abhi pay the cab driver. Abhi complied and went to settle the payment. Following this, Abhinav jokingly asked for one rupee as shagun. In response, Abhi expressed his well-wishes for Abhinav, except for his wish about Abhir.

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