Saavi Ki Savaari

Saavi Ki Savaari 17 May 2023 Written Story Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 17 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Nityam’s arrival at the house, seeking information about Saavi. He approaches Sonam and inquires about Saavi’s whereabouts. Sonam discloses that Saavi is currently with Manav. Upon hearing this, Nityam departs from the scene. Sonam, silently contemplating the situation, acknowledges that events are unfolding according to her desired plan.

Meanwhile, another woman approaches Dimpy, expressing her belief that Dimpy requires female support during this time. Dimpy reassures her, stating that she has the support of her husband, Himesh. However, the lady insists that it is insufficient and leaves. Himesh, understanding the woman’s perspective, assures Dimpy that he cannot leave her alone and promises to speak to his family. Doubts fill Dimpy’s mind as she acknowledges the mistakes she has made with his family, but Himesh insists that it is the best decision for their baby. Dimpy nods in agreement, realizing that this is precisely what she had hoped for.

Saavi arrives at the Goyal house only to discover that everyone is absent, except for Manav. Manav invites her to wait on the terrace and reveals that he has ordered masala dosa for them. Determined to express his feelings, he believes that today is the day. Saavi ascends to the terrace, reminiscing about how she once adorned the Dalmia terrace to propose to Nityam. Manav confides in Saavi, acknowledging his love for someone and expressing his fear of rejection. Seeking her assistance, he asks her to help him write a letter. Saavi, understanding his predicament, agrees to support him.

Meanwhile, Nityam purchases a bouquet of flowers, intending to propose to Saavi once again. He assures her that this time, no one will come between them, and they can embark on a long drive after their marriage. However, it is revealed that this delightful scene was nothing more than a figment of Saavi’s imagination, a dream she had.

Saavi, filled with mixed emotions, urges Manav to envision her as his beloved and propose to her. Manav gathers his courage and proceeds to propose. Overwhelmed by the moment, Saavi confesses that he possesses no flaws and admits her love for him as well. She declares that he is her favorite person and ultimately accepts his proposal. Witnessing this heart-wrenching sight, Nityam’s world shatters, causing him to drop the flower bouquet in a state of shock.

Elsewhere, Devraj inquires about Himesh’s whereabouts from Vedika. Concerned, Vedika informs him that Himesh is not answering his phone calls. Kumud joins the conversation, questioning why they are searching for Himesh. Vedika reveals that Thasvi is returning from Spain, leading to Thasvi’s arrival at that moment. Thasvi embraces Vedika and seeks the blessings of Devraj and Kumud. Himesh finally arrives, and Thasvi expresses how much she missed him. Curiously, she asks him whether she has gained weight or become thinner. Himesh confesses that he hadn’t noticed the change. Thasvi requests him to spend the entire day with her, to which he reveals his intention to leave the house. Vedika promptly contacts Nityam and urges him to come to the house.

In the midst of the commotion, Saavi asks Manav to show her a picture of the girl he loved. Instead, Manav presents a mirror, emphasizing that the girl is standing right in front of him. Saavi briefly answers Vedika’s phone call and hastily departs from the scene. Devraj questions Himesh about his desire to live in a rented house, to which Himesh responds that he is following his heart. Thasvi, puzzled, asks him why he wants to leave them. Himesh finally discloses that Dimpy is pregnant with his child.

[Episode End]

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