Saavi Ki Savaari

Saavi Ki Savaari 10th May 2023 Written Story Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 10th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The scene opens with Kumud revealing to Saavi that she is now her sister-in-law. Saavi is taken aback and questions if Kumud is joking, but Kumud insists that she is serious and even asks Saavi to touch her feet as a sign of respect. However, Sonam intervenes and tells Saavi that she was just joking and embraces her as a sister. Kumud remarks on Sonam’s unpredictable behavior, suggesting that her initial comment was intended to belittle Saavi and put her in her place. Raksham and Himesh also chime in, expressing their belief that Sonam was indeed joking.

Kumud then proceeds to share some unsavory details about Raksham, revealing that he has a history of running away with his father’s money. She proceeds to insult him, but Nityam interjects and defends Raksham’s character, stating that he was a victim of circumstance and had no control over what happened to him. He clarifies that Raksham had punished himself for years, believing he was at fault for his family’s misfortune. Nityam requests that Kumud refrain from speaking poorly about Raksham in the future.

Saavi urges everyone to show love and support to Raksham and his brother so that they can remain united. Himesh suggests that Nityam escort Saavi to her room while Raksham spends time with Sonam, and they all depart from the room.

In this scene, Vedika accuses Kumud of trying to ruin her family, but Kumud insists that she is only trying to save it by making sure that Nityam inherits everything. Meanwhile, Nityam takes Saavi to a room where Raksham joins them. Saavi tries to talk about what happened earlier, but Nityam shuts down the conversation. Raksham teases Nityam about his plans for the day, but Nityam just wants to watch TV at home. Saavi informs Raksham that Nityam has forgiven him for his past actions, and Raksham thanks her for her bravery.

Later, Raksham talks with Sonam about their upcoming honeymoon, which they haven’t planned yet due to recent events. Kumud reminds them that Saavi’s actions have caused some delays. However, Raksham surprises Sonam by revealing that he has already booked their tickets and shows her their passports. Sonam is thrilled and asks if they are staying at a 5-star hotel, but Raksham reveals that it’s actually a 7-star hotel. Sonam takes a selfie with the tickets to share on social media, but Raksham seems a bit sad for some reason.

Nityam speaks to Kiran and tells him that he will be working from home. However, Kiran informs everyone and then inquires about the whereabouts of the e-rickshaw PPT. Meanwhile, Saavi goes to her dressing table and tries to apply kajal. Nityam asks if it’s necessary, and Saavi explains that it enhances her eyes’ appearance and protects her from the bad sight of anyone who stares at her. Nityam asks who was staring at her, and Saavi replies that it was him. Nityam denies it, saying that he was working and not looking at her. Saavi says that she has nothing to do, and Nityam complains that he can’t focus on his work due to her.

Saavi hands him the kajal pencil, and he tries to apply it to her eyes. He then holds her cheeks and starts to apply it to her other eye when Saavi jokes about not wanting to have eye surgery. Nityam laughs and brings up Manav, and Saavi tells him not to bring him between them. Just as Nityam is about to finish applying the kajal, their lawyer calls and informs them that their divorce hearing is scheduled in seven days. They both feel sad.

[Episode End]

Precap : Saavi suggests to Vedika that their old love may be rekindled, but Vedika denies this and advises her to come back to Hanuman Gali once Kumud departs for her home. She states that Saavi must regain her self-respect and honor before returning. Meanwhile, Nityam communicates with his lawyer and informs him that the divorce hearing cannot take place at present. He instructs the lawyer to schedule the hearing for a date three months later.

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