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Saavi Ki Savaari 13th May 2023 Written Story Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 13th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The scene opens with Sonam struggling to cook, and Raksham arrives and reminds her that she had previously said Nityam was not a good husband, but she had not seen how he took care of her. Sonam confides that she is worried about Saavi. Raksham then offers to help her with her first Rasoi, but Sonam asks him to cook instead, while she attends to his phone calls. While she is attending a call from a lawyer dealing with Nityam’s divorce case, the lawyer informs her that Raksham may need to be called in for a discussion related to the case. After the call ends, Sonam retrieves some files from the lawyer, who explains that they are papers to postpone the divorce proceedings. Raksham needs to sign the papers in order to register them, but he is unsure about Nityam’s current mood and doesn’t want to approach him directly. Sonam considers the possibility that Nityam may read the papers first, but decides to proceed and get the papers signed immediately.

Nityam inquires of Raksham if he is preparing the first Rasoi meal. Raksham responds that he enjoys showing his love for his wife in this way. Nityam observes the way Raksham cooks for Sonam and even tastes the food. This reminds Nityam of how Saavi cooked for him. Raksham asks Nityam to keep this a secret from their mother. Later, Sonam contacts Manav to confirm his arrival and requests that he wear a blue shirt, which is Saavi’s favorite color. Raksham then reveals to Nityam that he had come to give something to Saavi before he leaves. Sonam arrives and offers to help Raksham, but he informs her that he has already prepared everything. Vedika expresses her joy to Nutan, stating that their family is together thanks to Saavi. Nutan remarks that Vedika does not appear to have been discharged from the hospital the day before, as she is so happy. Saavi mentions that Nityam is not allowing her to sit in peace and is constantly demanding she drink the bitter juice. Vedika counters that Nityam is taking good care of her. Nityam explains that Saavi is taking strong medicine, which is why he is being so attentive.

Kumud requested Sonam to give a betel leaf to the guest. Saavi intervened and explained that the betel leaf was there to protect Sonam. Meanwhile, Sonam was eagerly awaiting the arrival of Manav and asked Nutan about him. Nityam grew increasingly impatient as he watched Saavi waiting for Manav as well. Sonam stated that they were just good friends and asked them to complete the task as soon as possible if they had other obligations.

Just then, Manav arrived and stated that work was only a part of life and not life itself. Nityam requested him to conduct a lecture for students and earn extra money. Nityam was unhappy with the closeness between Manav and Saavi. Sonam informed Nityam that the lawyer had asked him to sign the papers immediately, as they were urgent. Nityam signed the documents and handed them over to the servant to be sent to the registrar’s office. Unfortunately, Nityam did not notice the letter.

Kumud requested Sonam to take Arathi to the guest. She noticed that Nityam had not read the letter and attempted to approach him, but Kumud stopped her.

In this story, Nutan urges Nityam to eat, but he refuses and pretends he isn’t hungry. Instead, he eats chocolate in a fit of anger. Raksham notices Nityam’s agitation and attributes it to his jealousy over Saavi’s friendship with Manav. Raksham warns Nityam that if Manav becomes too close to Saavi, they might drift apart. Despite Nityam’s insistence that he and Saavi are just friends, Raksham believes that Nityam is falling in love with her and encourages him to listen to his heart.

Meanwhile, Sonam observes a letter falling to the ground and realizes that Nityam didn’t read it before signing some papers. Nityam becomes intrigued by the letter and reads it, feeling frustrated by its contents. As a result, he begins to wonder if he may indeed be developing feelings for Saavi.

[Episode End]

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