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Pandya Store 15th May 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 15th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Raavi and Suman engaged in a conversation. Raavi expresses her desire for Bittu to reveal the truth about their marriage. Suman, however, instructs Bittu to leave the premises. Meanwhile, Shiva, unable to grasp the gravity of the situation, fervently insists on having a girl in his life. When Suman firmly declares that she will not allow any girl to enter Shiva’s life, he grows increasingly furious, raising his voice in protest. As the tension escalates, Rishita intervenes, only to have Shiva target her as well. He expresses his desperate need for a wife, causing Raavi’s recklessness to intensify, leading to a physical altercation between them. Suddenly, Shiva menacingly threatens Raavi, holding her in his arms. Meanwhile, Shivang arrives on the scene and starts berating Raavi. Suman attempts to manage the chaos, but Shivang and Raavi continue their confrontation unabated. Amidst the ongoing commotion, Dev makes his entrance.

Shiva gazed through tear-filled eyes as Suman attempted to console her. Ravi, however, interrupted, urging Shiva to keep her emotions to herself. Desperate to find a way to express her feelings, Ravi turned to prayer, seeking divine guidance for a solution. She implored Gautam to help her communicate, but the weight of the situation rendered him speechless, unable to fathom how to make Shiva understand. Ravi pleaded with everyone around to explain on her behalf, yet no one agreed. Finally, they insisted that Ravi stand before Shiva and confess her true emotions. Overwhelmed with nervousness, Ravi found herself at a loss. Just as tension reached its peak, Gautam intervened, asserting that he would personally reveal the truth to Shiva.

When Shiva questioned Gautam about his inability to get married, Gautam reiterated his reasoning, frustrating Shiva further. Eventually, he disclosed that the reason was because Gautam, Dev, and others were already married. Shiva was perplexed by this explanation and questioned Suman about its meaning. Gautam explained that their statement was akin to saying that because Deva and Gautam had eaten, Shiva should also feel full, which made no sense. Shiva pressed on, demanding clarification from Suman. Gautam proceeded to explain that marriage brings difficulties in life. He likened it to medicine that, once consumed, leads to headaches and stomachaches. Dev concurred, providing examples such as having to accompany one’s wife for shopping and dining out at new restaurants every week, as well as embarking on four trips a year. Hearing this, Rimjhim interjected abruptly, refuting Gautam’s claims and asserting that she had never taken him anywhere.

Shiva questioned why Gautam would take him on a tour, prompting Rimjhim to explain that she was speaking on behalf of Raavi. In response, Gautam cautioned Shiva about the numerous expenses associated with marriage. He emphasized that even after getting married, there would be additional financial responsibilities, such as raising a child. Gautam reminded Shiva of his previous promise not to marry and to solely focus on Pandya Stores, which was currently facing a crisis. Intrigued, Shiva asked Gautam when he had made such a promise. Deva chimed in, revealing that when he had asked Shiva about marriage, Shiva himself had declined, stating that he would dedicate himself to Pandya Stores and utilize the profits for his own happiness. Surprisingly, Gautam inadvertently disclosed that he had already been married once, piquing Shiva’s curiosity.

Seizing the opportunity, Shiva inquired about his past marriage, prompting Rimjhim to urge Gautam to reveal the truth. Gautam explained that he considered himself married to Pandya Stores, as Shiva had professed his love for the business and vowed to take care of it. Perplexed, Shiva pointed out that Pandya Stores was like his mother, making it impossible for him to marry it. He then left the room. Suman burst into laughter and questioned Gautam’s choice of words, asking why he mentioned Pandya Stores. Feeling insecure once again, Rimjhim speculated that Shiva might have gone to meet the girl in the picture.

Rimjhim implored Gautam to help Shiva understand, expressing that her existence would be incomplete without him. Meanwhile, Shweta and Prerna’s husband were frantically searching for Prerna and Krish, only to find their absence upon reaching home. Dhara, too, was nowhere to be found. The situation escalated into a commotion within the household. Convinced that Prerna had taken Krish away, Shweta resolved to file a police complaint.

Tension weighed heavily on Dhara as she returned home, her mind preoccupied with concerns for Krish and Prerna. Simultaneously, Arushi happened to be walking along the same road from which Dhara was approaching. In the midst of her journey, Arushi received a call from the lifetime marriage bureau, urging her to visit their office and choose her life partner independently. In a sudden encounter, a stranger shoved Arushi, nearly causing her to stumble. However, Dhara swiftly intervened, rescuing her from the mishap. Their eyes locked, both individuals struck with astonishment and disbelief.

[Episode End]

Precap : As Arushi discussed her upcoming marriage, Dhara advised her to thoroughly investigate the background of the man’s family before making any commitments. Dhara emphasized the importance of gathering all the necessary information, as once a marriage is solemnized, it becomes incredibly difficult to break free from any unfavorable circumstances.

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