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Pandya Store 16 May 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 16 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with yet another chaotic situation unfolding in Pandya. Shweta reveals to everyone that Krish has eloped with Prerna, leaving the truth behind. Disturbed by this revelation, she decides to take the matter to the police station. Dhara and Krish rush to the station and are greeted by Shweta, who embraces Dhara tightly. Meanwhile, Shivang makes up his mind to put on an act.

Upon Dhara’s return home, she is immediately informed about Shiva’s unexpected marriage proposal. This news leaves Dhara completely astounded. Raavi urges Dhara to salvage this marriage alliance or else she fears dire consequences. The memories of Gautam’s words flood Raavi’s mind, further adding to her confusion and bewilderment. Lost in his thoughts, Gautam assures himself that he will certainly marry a beautiful girl, vividly dreaming of romantic moments between him and Aru.

Arushi arrived at the marriage office to gather information about the boy she was going to marry. Upon seeing Shiva’s photo, she immediately agreed to meet him. A staff member called Shiva and urged him to come to the coffee shop right away as Arushi was waiting to meet him. In that moment, Arushi felt a surge of excitement. Shiva, without informing anyone, made the decision to meet her first. He had butterflies in his stomach.

Dhara found herself increasingly confused by this sudden turn of events. When she was accused and asked to explain Shiva’s actions, she hugged Raavi, attempting to console her. Raavi couldn’t hold back her tears and broke down. Suman, witnessing Raavi’s distress, felt disappointed by the situation. Dhara, overcome with emotion, ran towards the road and encountered Shiva there. As soon as he saw Dhara, Shiva hastily left the scene in an auto-rickshaw. Dhara quickly found another auto-rickshaw and followed him. Eventually, Shiva reached a certain location.

Upon seeing Shiva, Arushi’s mother recognized him as Dhara’s brother-in-law. She forcefully dragged Arushi, expressing her refusal to allow the marriage to take place. However, Arushi remained determined to marry Shiva. Raavi confided in Shivang, expressing her pain and also pointing out Dhara’s bias. Shivang attempted to manipulate her mind with influential words.

As Raavi continued to cry, she recalled the fond memories she shared with Shiva. Shivang brought water for Shiva and made a promise that he would never allow this marriage to take place. He assured Raavi that he would personally handle the situation and tried to console her. Dhara noticed that Arushi and Shiva were about to enter a coffee shop, causing her mother to worry about being recognized. Shiva suggested finding a proper seating area and urged Arushi to order food quickly as he was feeling very hungry. He expressed his willingness to share his money. The conversation with Shiva revealed his genuine and straightforward nature. While Shiva wanted the marriage to happen quickly, Arushi desired some more time. After Shiva left, Arushi made the final decision to proceed with the connection.

Dhara entered Shweta’s room and scolded her for moving too quickly, reminding her that she was pregnant. Shweta retorted, poking at Dhara, stating that she didn’t need any advice from someone who had never conceived. Raavi intervened and asked Dhara to behave politely, but Dhara had no patience left for Shweta’s hypocrisy. Meanwhile, Shiva insisted on expediting things, while Arushi expressed her desire to meet Shiva’s family members, leaving him confused. After Dhara left, Shweta became fearful that Raavi had mixed poison in the food. To prove her innocence, Raavi took a portion of the food herself.

[Episode End]

Precap : Shiva eagerly phoned Arushi, extending an invitation for her and her mother to visit his house. Delighted, Arushi readily accepted the proposal. Shiva’s excitement grew as he planned to present a surprise birthday gift to Dhara.

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