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Pandya Store 10th May 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 10th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The scene opens with Dhara and Gautam in the middle of the night. Suddenly, Dhara notices that Gautam is writhing in immense pain. She rushes to his side to offer help. Gautam requests a tablet from his wallet and urges Dhara to leave him alone, but she refuses to abandon him in such a dire situation.

Dhara inquires about the cause of Gautam’s pain, and he confesses that his excessive alcohol consumption had damaged his liver, leading to his current condition. The doctor had warned him to avoid alcohol to avoid further complications. Gautam also reveals how the accident that caused their separation occurred, and he apologizes for his recklessness. He begs for Dhara’s forgiveness repeatedly, and she reminisces about their past together.

Gautam vows to remain by Dhara’s side from now on, and they have an emotional conversation about their hopes for the future. They confess their love for each other, drawing closer together. They spend some quality time together and bask in each other’s presence, hoping for a brighter future.

Krish wandered aimlessly through the town, reminiscing about the happy times he shared with Prerna. He couldn’t help but recall the day they met and how they made a promise to always be together. The memories were bittersweet, and Krish couldn’t hold back his tears when he thought about their permanent separation.

As Krish made his way back home, he noticed Prerna walking around inside the house. Their eyes met, and for a moment, neither of them spoke. Krish attempted to initiate a conversation with her, but Prerna forcefully ran off to her room. He was left standing there, feeling confused and unsure of what to do next.

Raavi wakes up from a nightmare and finds herself thinking of Shiva. Meanwhile, Shiva is dreaming of the time when they first met. The dream is so sweet that it brings a smile to his face and he relives the romantic scenes in his mind’s eye.

As Raavi enters the room and closes the door, she watches her sleeping husband and feels overwhelmed with emotions. She expresses her love for him and asks him to hold her in his arms. Raavi lies down beside him, but when Shiva starts to wake up, she quickly hides herself.

Upon waking up, Shiva realizes that he wants to marry again. However, he fails to find anyone in the room and falls asleep once again. Raavi quietly leaves the room, her emotions in turmoil.

Shweta struggled to free herself from the ropes that Krish had tied her up with. Despite her efforts, she fainted and was unable to untie herself. She called for help, but no one came to her aid. Exhausted, she fell asleep.

The next morning, Shweta was still tense about the report. Everyone was waiting anxiously for it. Suddenly, a courier boy arrived with the report for Shweta. She rushed to take the paper, with everyone watching her.

Krish snatched the paper from her and began reading it aloud. As he read, his expression changed to one of shock and awe. Gautam and others came over to see what was written on the paper. Raavi and Rishita were left speechless.

Suman wanted to know what was in the report, but Dhara was the one who spoke up. She said that the report clearly stated that Shweta was pregnant. Everyone was thunderstruck upon hearing the news.

[Episode End]

Precap : Prerna makes the decision to depart from the house, despite Krish and Dhara’s pleas for her to take some time to consider the situation calmly. Dhara implores Prerna not to leave, but Prerna responds with a shout that leaves both Krish and Dhara feeling insulted. However, shortly after leaving, Prerna experiences an accident on the road.

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