Na Umra Ki Seema Ho

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 11th May 2023 Written Story Update

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 11th May 2023 Written Story Update On

In the opening scene, Dev is contemplating ironing his shirt, but Vidhi intervenes and offers to do it for him. However, he reveals that the shirt is torn, prompting Vidhi to pick out a different one. As she goes through his wardrobe, she notices that he doesn’t have much to wear. Dev then reaches for a shirt in the cupboard and mentions that he needs to sew a button on it. Vidhi takes the shirt from him and bursts into tears, blaming herself for his struggles since they got married. Dev reassures her that she is all he needs and that he values her support above anything else.

Meanwhile, Amba receives a call from the commissioner, informing her that the search for Chithra is over. The commissioner orders Durga to locate Chithra as soon as possible, and she sends a team to raid Balghar. Amba arrives at Balghar and is confronted by Satyavati, who pretends to be surprised to see the police team. Abhimanyu questions her presence, but Amba instructs the police to search the premises. Vidhi urges her to be mindful of the children present, who are seeing the police for the first time and might get scared.

Elsewhere, Chithra confides in Vidhi that she needs to come clean about the truth, despite Abhimanyu’s advice to keep quiet. She believes that her baby’s support is enough to see her through the ordeal. Priya and Yogesh are having a conversation in a restaurant, where Priya expresses her disappointment in Amba’s betrayal after all she had done for her. She also reveals that she considers Yogesh to be like a brother to her.

Priya confides in Yogesh, telling him that Amba had thrown her out after using her and betraying her. She expresses her fear that Amba may do the same to Yogesh. Yogesh remembers Amba’s past behavior and assures Priya that he is the only person she can trust. Simi also expresses her fear of living in Amba’s house and says that she has lost everything. Yogesh agrees that Amba is selfish and will throw everyone out of her life once her work is done. He advises Priya to retrieve the power of attorney document from Amba, which she had given to her earlier. Priya agrees.

Meanwhile, Durga and Vidhi confront Chithra, who has come to Amba’s house. Amba accuses Chithra of being kidnapped by the Raichands, but Chithra denies it, saying that she came to Amba’s house on her own will because she feels safe with her family. Chithra accuses her in-laws of betraying her and transferring her shares to Amba’s name. She refuses to go back to their house, saying that it would make her mentally unstable. Durga threatens Amba with arrest for domestic violence, and Amba walks away.

[Episode End]

Precap : Durga informs Vidhi that she has accused Amba of something. Durga cautions Vidhi that if her accusations are proven to be false, she will be in trouble. However, Vidhi maintains that she is telling the truth and has not lied about Amba.

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