Na Umra Ki Seema Ho

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 12th May 2023 Written Story Update

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 12th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The scene opens with Durga expressing her regret to Raichand for causing them trouble. She acknowledges that she didn’t anticipate their prolonged stay, but felt compelled to do so due to Amba’s accusations. Vidhi commends Durga for fulfilling her duty, but also informs her that Amba bears ill will towards the Raichand family. Vidhi proceeds to elaborate on Amba’s past actions. Durga reminds Vidhi that she alone knows the truth about the allegations she made against Amba, and warns her of the consequences of lying. Vidhi vehemently denies lying and cites the support of Milapini’s Devi. She expresses joy at Chithra’s courageous stand against Amba.

The staff bid farewell to Dev as he departed. Upon meeting someone, he was taken aback to see Aviroop standing before him. Aviroop credited Dev as the reason for his success as a business owner. Dev informed Vidhi that Aviroop was his top pupil during his MBA lectures and that he was now starting a business. Dev planned to attend the upcoming function and give a lecture, despite feeling like a beginner again. Aviroop encouraged him, stating that he knew how to turn anyone from zero to hero. Dev agreed to attend the function, and Vidhi commended him for being an inspiration. Excusing himself to answer a call from Priya, Vidhi advised her to take bold action against Amba without hesitation, assuring her that it was the beginning of a new life.

Dev was at the temple praying when Vidhi approached him, informing him that she had a surprise for him. Dev was headed to the office but was curious and followed Vidhi to see what the surprise was. To his surprise, Satyavati and Chithra were spending a happy time with the kids. Vidhi explained that she had planned a cultural program for the Balghar students and had invited an NGO and businessman to attend it to help the children. Dev felt lucky to have Vidhi in his life, as she took care of everyone.

Meanwhile, Priya met with Durga and confessed that she wanted to tell her the truth. Durga informed Priya that she was the reason for the mess. Priya had a relationship with Rakesh, and she narrated to Durga what Amba had done to them. Durga was shocked to hear about Amba’s deeds towards Priya and asked why she was taking a step against Amba now, knowing that she was a wealthy person who could buy anyone with her money. Durga wondered if she should also support Amba.

Priya declares to her that her determination to fight for the truth remains unshakable, despite her lack of concern. She is prepared to confront her opponent and firmly believes that the truth will prevail in the end. Meanwhile, Satyavati inquires about Vidhi’s somber demeanor, to which Vidhi responds that she intends to apply for a gold loan. Dev is scheduled to give a speech, but he has nothing appropriate to wear, so Vidhi wants to purchase a suit for him. Vidhi explains that they have always utilized gold loans whenever they needed financial assistance. Satyavati feels a sense of pride towards Vidhi’s resourcefulness. She confides in Shanthanu Raichand about her sorrow over preventing Vidhi from pursuing her ambitions due to their family’s traditions.

[Episode End]

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