Na Umra Ki Seema Ho

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 10th May 2023 Written Story Update

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 10th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Priya informing Vidhi that Abhimanyu is unwilling to communicate with her and refuses to even look at her. According to Priya, she was a self-centered individual who lost everything due to her own actions. She believes that she was not a good wife or mother. Vidhi, on the other hand, tells her that she still believes in her and that there is hope for her to regain their trust. However, Priya has given up hope. Vidhi advises her to work hard and earn back their trust.

Meanwhile, Durga informs Amba that Raichand’s younger daughter-in-law, Priya, is having an affair with Rakesh. Amba, on the other hand, denies knowing Rakesh and claims that he is not her employee. Durga shows her a picture of Rakesh and accuses Amba of sending him money every month, which she denies. Durga questions Amba’s motive for sending Rakesh money and demands answers.

In the meantime, Priya confesses to Vidhi that she desires to reunite with her family and is willing to do anything to regain their trust. She expresses her confusion towards Vidhi’s kindness and her intense dislike for Amba, whom she vows to never forgive.

In the conversation between Amba and Durga, Amba expresses her gratitude for Durga’s role in saving Chithra. However, she questions why Durga is involving her in Rakesh’s death. Durga warns Amba and then leaves, leaving Amba wondering why she is being troubled like this. Amba wishes to do something about it.

Meanwhile, Priya shares with Vidhi her desire to help the orphanage kids. Vidhi shows the relevant files to Abhimanyu, who notices that Priya has injured her finger while doing kitchen work. Abhimanyu understands her situation but reminds her that their family is struggling because of her mistake.

Despite the setback, Priya proceeds to pay for the ration store and requests the bill to be sent to her secretly. She also pays the school fees of the children in the orphanage without revealing her identity.

Vidhi excitedly shares some happy news with everyone, but their joy is met with suspicion about who funded it. In the meantime, the manager informs Amba that he discovered a bag in Yogesh’s cabin. Kaushik informs Dev that he placed the bag there. Upon inspecting the bag, Amba discovers that it contains money, leading her to believe that Yogesh has betrayed her. Despite having helped him achieve success, Yogesh has apparently forgotten her kindness. Feeling betrayed, Amba resolves to teach him a lesson.

Later, Satyavati confides in her husband about her sorrow. She admits that she prevented her daughter and daughter-in-law from working, but now realizes how happy Vidhi is with her job. She feels remorseful for not comprehending their desires earlier and wishes to fulfill them. She shares her anguish with Santhan Raichand.

Vidhi and Priya reunite and share a warm embrace. Vidhi then inquires about whether Priya had paid the school fees for the children. Priya confirms that she has done so. Vidhi proceeds to express her frustration about Amba, who not only took away her house but also her in-laws. She feels compelled to take action against Amba, and Priya assures her that they will do something about it.

In the meantime, Yogesh informs Amba that he is unable to access the company account, even though he is the CEO. The manager explains that this is due to Amba’s orders. Amba questions Yogesh about the missing money, but he insists that he knows nothing about it. Amba becomes furious and berates him.

Vidhi confides in Priya that they need to deal with Yogesh, and shares her plan with her. Despite Yogesh’s attempts to explain his situation to Amba, she refuses to believe him and humiliates him. She reminds him that Dev was his best friend, yet he betrayed him. She warns Yogesh that she won’t hesitate to take action against him if he tries to cause trouble for her. She demands that he leave the premises.

[Episode End]

Precap : Satyavati has taken the initiative to teach a dance to the children at the orphanage. However, before the lesson begins, Amba unexpectedly arrives at the orphanage. The sudden sound of a siren startles everyone present, and they are left shocked and wondering about the cause of the commotion.

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