Na Umra Ki Seema Ho

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 15th May 2023 Written Story Update

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 15th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Vidhi’s attempt to obtain a gold loan. The owner informs her that he can offer her only 10 thousand if she agrees to sell it. Alternatively, he can provide a loan of 8 thousand. Vidhi expresses her reluctance to sell the item, but the owner offers her an additional amount, bringing the cost down to just 6 thousand. Impressed by Vidhi’s honesty, the owner commends her. Overjoyed, Vidhi captures a selfie with the ring and explains its sentimental value to her as it was a gift from her mother. Assured by the owner that he will keep it safe, Vidhi feels relieved.

Meanwhile, Rajeev overhears their conversation and praises Vidhi’s integrity. He shares that he had come to the location alone with the intention of visiting the Milapini Devi’s temple. Learning of his plans, Vidhi kindly offers to drop him off at the temple as she is heading there herself.

Dev inquires Kaushik about whether Amba has discovered the truth or not. Kaushik responds by stating that there is a possibility that she might learn the truth. Meanwhile, the bomb’s detonation looms closer. As anticipated, Amba arrives at the scene. In the temple, Vidhi and Rajeev engage in prayer, and Hariprasad joyfully welcomes Vidhi. Rajeev discovers that Vidhi is his daughter and expresses admiration for her as a kind-hearted individual. Vidhi shares with him her intention to purchase a dress for Dev, who has received an invitation to a business meeting. Amba confronts Kaushik, accusing him of betrayal. Kaushik asserts his innocence and summons the manager to bring the accounts. Amba reveals that she had expelled Dev from the Raichand’s group and implies that expelling Kaushik from the office would be an easy task as well. She demands that Kaushik leave immediately, but he refuses. It is then revealed that 90% of Amba’s shares are in Kaushik’s name, leaving her shocked. Bimla offers prasad to Rajeev and inquires if he came alone. Rajeev confesses his current state of distress but expresses happiness after meeting Vidhi. He reveals that he has a son, but they are not on speaking terms due to his preoccupation with business matters.

Vidhi offers comfort to Rajeev and reassures them, providing an explanation for their actions. Meanwhile, the accountant reveals to Amba that Kaushik has taken control of her shares, which were transferred to Yogesh’s name. Just as this conversation unfolds, Vidhi arrives at the scene. Amba expresses her presence and questions why they are not residing in Balghar. She firmly states that she will not leave them and allow the destruction of that place as well.

At that moment, Durga appears and informs Amba that she must accompany her, as a complaint has been filed against her. Amba questions whether there is an arrest warrant and demands to know what she has done wrong. Durga advises Amba not to lecture her about police protocol and insists that she ask what she has done. Durga connects Amba to Rakesh’s death, prompting Amba to express her desire to speak with a lawyer.

Durga informs Amba that she has the right to consult with a lawyer, but time is limited as the court will close in just two minutes. She warns Amba that she may have to spend two days in jail if she doesn’t cooperate. Durga shares that she has already discussed the situation with the lawyer, who advises Amba to cooperate and assures her that he will secure her release on bail as soon as possible.

Durga warns her that if she causes a scene, the media will be there to witness it. Amba dreads the thought of the media broadcasting news about her. Vidhi responds to Amba with a sharp retort. Amba shoots a glare at Dev and departs. She is overwhelmed with shame in the face of the allegations. Hariprasad and Bimla, however, rejoice upon seeing the news. Priya is filled with happiness. Yogesh also watches the news. Priya phones Yogesh and expresses concern about the possibility of getting caught. She urges him to take care of himself. Yogesh is consumed by fear. The media directs their questions at Dev, who remains silent. Vidhi informs the media that they are fighting to regain custody of Raichand’s industry and house from Amba. Amba feels deeply ashamed to be incarcerated.

[Episode End]

Precap : Vidhi is set to encounter Amba within the confines of the jail. In a display of determination, she confronts Amba and presents her with a challenge to hold her accountable for her actions. Amba, aware of her predicament, confidently asserts her ability to emerge victorious. Undeterred, Vidhi reaffirms her commitment to fight for justice and her rights.

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