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Meet 17 May 2023 Written Story Update On

Manmeet is on a call when Jasodha approaches him in a rush, informing him that Sumeet is vomiting and asks him to come quickly. Concerned, Manmeet rushes to Sumeet’s side, finding her in a terrible condition. Kanika watches the situation unfold. Jasodha and Manmeet attempt to wake her up, but Manmeet realizes that she has fainted.

Meanwhile, Meet is trying to wake up the children in the orphanage, unaware of the situation with Sumeet.

Kanika approaches Jasodha and Manmeet, expressing her concern and suggesting that Sumeet’s symptoms indicate food poisoning. She urges them to take her to the city for medical help.

The manager of the orphanage questions how all the children could fall sick at once, suspecting that something may have been mixed in the food. Manmeet defends their innocence, explaining that everyone had the same meal and that the children were given vitamins. Another person points out that the children had vitamins that the adults didn’t. Meet intervenes, stating that the medicine provided strength to the children and emphasizing that she would never endanger their lives. However, the media starts accusing Meet, turning it into breaking news.

Determined to help the children, Meet stresses the importance of saving their lives amidst the accusations. Manmeet tries calling Meet, but she is unable to pick up the call.

Manmeet instructs Jasodha to keep trying to reach Meet while he rushes to the city hospital. Kanika coldly remarks that this is exactly what she wanted, as it is now just her and Chiku.

The manager advises Meet to stay away from the children, blaming her medicine for their illness. Faced with accusations from everyone, Meet asserts that it is time to prioritize saving the children’s lives. She takes the manager’s phone and calls Dr. Sunita, urging her to come with her

Mahendra comes across news about Meet’s factory and shows it to Sarkar, suggesting that it is the perfect opportunity to take action and shut down her factory for good. He accuses Meet of always taking things away from them, even their own son. Sarkar orders the driver to take the car to the orphanage.

Inside the orphanage, every child is in bed. The manager speaks to Kanika on the phone, discussing their plan to bring the children and ensure Meet ends up in jail for a long time. The manager recalls the moment he switched the medicine boxes with his employees, replacing them with fake ones. Meet approaches the doctor and inquires about the children’s condition. The doctor assures her that they are out of danger and expresses gratitude that she managed to keep them awake.

Just then, Mahendra enters the room, triumphantly declaring that Meet is about to go to jail. The manager and other men start complaining to Sarkar about Meet’s alleged misdeeds. Meet passionately defends herself, insisting that there was nothing wrong with her medicine and inviting them to come and inspect her factory. She asserts that she would never endanger lives, as she too is a mother. However, Sarkar drops a bombshell, revealing that Meet’s husband is occupied with Sumeet’s check-up, leaving Meet in shock. Meet anxiously asks what has happened to Sumeet. Sarkar coldly informs her that Sumeet has been vomiting and fainted, accusing Meet of poisoning her own child. Meet, overwhelmed, pleads with them to stop saying anything further. As she attempts to leave, she is restrained and tied to a chair. Meet desperately cries out for help.

In another scene, Chiku is playing in his room while Kanika keeps a watchful eye on him. She contemplates how to manipulate the guards once Meet and Manmeet are out of the picture, determined to gain control over Chiku. Gunwanti, on the other hand, watches news about the orphanage on her phone.

In Gunwanti’s room, Kanika expresses her reluctance to interfere in family matters but admits that she cannot hold back. She points out that although Gunwanti is the elder daughter-in-law of the house, Meet is given more privileges. Gunwanti acknowledges Kanika’s observation but feels powerless to change the situation. Kanika suggests that because Gunwanti has given birth to a son, the family should listen to her. She believes that Meet deliberately kept Chiku in the house to establish him as her own child and secure a permanent place in the family. Kanika suspects that Manmeet did not oppose Sarkar due to Meet’s influence, and predicts that one day Chiku will refer to Sarkar as “Dada” (father). Gunwanti wonders what she can do in this situation. Kanika proposes sending Chiku away from the house, which would make Sarkar happy. Gunwanti agrees that Sarkar would be pleased, but questions how they can accomplish this given the security around Chiku. Kanika suggests creating animosity in Sarkar’s mind, making him believe that Chiku is unsuitable for the house.

Meanwhile, Meet pleads with Sarkar to let her go, begging for his mercy. Sarkar coldly states that her family will take care of her. Mahendra takes advantage of the situation and speaks negatively about Meet’s factory in front of the media. Meet vehemently denies the accusations, but Sarkar insists that she should be punished for her actions.

In another conversation, Gunwanti confides in Jasodha, expressing her belief that Chiku brings misfortune to the house. Jasodha dismisses this notion, attributing it to Gunwanti’s own anxieties and reminding her that Chiku is an orphan.

Meet pleads with Sarkar, desperately asking for a chance to prove her innocence. However, Sarkar refuses to give her any opportunity and throws all the medicines in front of her. Meet examines the medicines and realizes that they contain a green powder, whereas her own medicine had a yellow vitamin powder. She becomes certain that someone must have switched the medicines. Meet tries to explain to Sarkar that someone is framing her and she can provide evidence. Sarkar dismisses her claims, accusing her of lying, and orders the police to take her away. Despite her protests, Meet is taken into custody.

Meanwhile, the manager calls Kanika and informs her that they narrowly escaped being caught, as Sarkar arrived with the police and sent Meet to jail. The manager turns around and is startled to find everyone standing behind him, having overheard his conversation.

Meet recalls her plea to everyone, asking for a chance to prove her innocence. She begged Sarkar to believe in her and consider the welfare of the children. She reveals her investigation into the mistreatment of the children in the orphanage, explaining that every child there lives in constant fear. Meet appeals to Sarkar, urging him to trust her and punish the real culprit. Sarkar realizes that he must support Meet in front of the villagers in order to maintain his control over everyone. Meet humbly pleads with everyone present.

Addressing the crowd, Meet confidently declares that the real culprit stands before them.

[Episode End]

Precap : Gunwanti guides Chiku to sit in the car, assuring him that the uncle will safely take him home. Meanwhile, Meet expresses her urgency to go home and check on Sumeet and Chiku. Unbeknownst to them, Chiku becomes trapped inside the car.

Back at home, Sumeet anxiously prays to God for Chiku’s safety. In her distress, she stumbles upon Chiku’s locket, which brings her a sense of solace and connection to him.

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