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Kundali Bhagya 19 May 2023 Written Story Update

Kundali Bhagya 19 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode starts with an elderly couple giving a ride to Palki and Rajveer. They tease each other. The aunt tells Palki that Rajveer will act like the uncle after they get married, and men only talk sweetly during the phase of love. The uncle tells Rajveer that he noticed how much Rajveer loves his girlfriend. Palki clarifies that she is not Rajveer’s girlfriend and she is engaged to Ketan. Rajveer insists that he and Palki are just friends. The uncle tells him that love often starts with friendship. The aunt feels that Rajveer and Palki are perfect for each other.

Meanwhile, Shaurya tells himself that he can’t wait for tomorrow and he will get something he likes.

At the same time, Shailendra scolds Daljeet for lying to Ketan’s family about Palki. Jasbeer suggests that they should not hide anything from each other. Preeta feels she can’t tell the truth because of Daljeet. Ketan announces that his Canada visa has been approved and he has been chosen to direct a movie there. Jasbeer credits Palki as his lucky charm. He will leave for Canada tomorrow and stay there for a year. Daljeet asks about the wedding. Jasbeer suggests having the wedding tomorrow, and Daljeet agrees. Jasbeer assures them that they will handle everything so Palki’s family doesn’t need to worry. Ketan asks about Palki, and Daljeet informs him that she will be brought there soon and goes inside.

The uncle stops the car near Palki’s house. The aunt suggests to Palki that she should marry Rajveer and leave Ketan. The uncle advises Rajveer never to leave Palki’s side. Rajveer promises to always support Palki. The uncle claims that he saw love in Rajveer’s eyes for Palki. Rajveer explains that his life is not easy and he has many things to accomplish. The uncle tells Rajveer to achieve everything through love because love will give him strength. The uncle and aunt then leave.

Daljeet informs Ketan’s family that Palki is still busy. Rajveer and Palki enter the house. Daljeet and Mahi handle the situation. Daljeet tells Palki that her marriage with Ketan will take place tomorrow. Jasbeer blesses Palki and mentions that they have a lot of work to do. Jasbeer leaves with Ketan.

Daljeet scolds Palki for not calling them. Preeta asks Palki if she is okay. Everyone starts questioning Palki. Palki lies and says she got lost on her way. Rajveer also lies. Daljeet scolds Palki. Gurpreet tells Daljeet that they should be grateful that Palki returned home safely. She takes Palki inside. Preeta asks Rajveer if he is okay. Rajveer nods in response.

Shaurya tells himself that he has plans and mentions that he misses Palki, laughing to himself. Mohit tells Rajveer that it’s strange that Palki and Ketan’s marriage will happen tomorrow. He asks Gurpreet how this is possible. Gurpreet explains that they can’t go against Daljeet’s decision and wonders why Rajveer looks sad. Palki recalls the words of the uncle and aunt.

[Episode End]

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