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Kundali Bhagya 18 May 2023 Written Story Update

Kundali Bhagya 18 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with a group of goons, following their boss’s orders, tying up Palki. Curious as to why Palki remains silent, the boss speculates that she may have realized that screaming is futile. Expressing his desire to eat without disturbances, the boss instructs his goons to go inside the house and have their meal.

Meanwhile, Rajveer approaches Palki and proceeds to untie her, catching the goons’ attention. Without hesitation, Rajveer launches an attack on the goons and manages to free Palki. However, the goons quickly give chase.

Finding a moment to pause, Palki questions Rajveer about his decision to stop the bike. Rajveer reveals that they have run out of fuel and blames himself for not checking beforehand, admitting his irresponsibility. Overwhelmed by the situation, Palki begins to cry. Rajveer reassures her, explaining that he was not scolding her and asks why she is in tears.

Through her tears, Palki expresses her belief that God sent Rajveer to protect her and acknowledges the numerous times he has saved her. Grateful for his role as her savior, she thanks him sincerely. Curious about the kidnappers’ motives, Rajveer inquires about their identities and reasons for abducting her. Palki admits her lack of familiarity with them, suggesting that the kidnapping might be financially motivated. Rajveer counters, mentioning that no ransom demand has been made. Palki then reveals her middle-class background, questioning why anyone would choose to kidnap her.

He reassures her that having less money can still lead to a happy life, emphasizing that their love and companionship are what truly matter. Observing her shivering in the cold weather, he covers her with her dupatta, evoking a memory of a similar gesture in the past. Ensuring her safety, he offers a comforting side hug and gently wipes away her tears, eliciting a smile from her. They continue their journey on foot.

Meanwhile, the boss reprimands his men, aware of Shaurya’s relentless pursuit. Feeling the weight of his actions, he approaches Shaurya and apologizes, seeking forgiveness. Sanju, discontented with the boss’s behavior, criticizes him and urges Shaurya to express his thoughts. Shaurya acknowledges Palki’s incredible fortune and highlights the numerous ways in which Rajveer has proven his love and support for her, from clearing Palki’s name in the jewelry store incident to defending her honor at an award function. He admires Rajveer’s unwavering devotion and respect for Palki.

Curious about the safety of his own bike, Palki questions Rajveer. He explains that since they are running low on fuel, he plans to drop Palki off at her house and return with Mohit later. Rajveer confesses his fear upon learning about Palki’s kidnapping and expresses his relief that she is now safe. As they travel, Rajveer stops the car to offer a lift, only to encounter an elderly couple engaged in a heated argument.

In another scene, Shaurya enters his room, where Nidhi questions his whereabouts. He reveals that he went out to relax and complains about Karan’s strict demeanor. Feeling misunderstood within the Luthra household, he praises Preeta, acknowledging her selflessness and the intangible qualities she possesses that resonate with him. With those words, he leaves, while Nidhi ponders on Shaurya’s inability to praise others.

[Episode End]

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