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Kundali Bhagya 12th May 2023 Written Story Update

Kundali Bhagya 12th May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The scene opens with Akash, Shabir, and Shilpi complimenting Rajveer’s performance. Akash suggests that Rajveer should take a day off and offers him the company car for his use, reminding him to arrive on time the next day. Meanwhile, Karan remembers the incident involving Rajveer and drives off in his car. Rishab attempts to pacify Karan, but Karan insists that something is amiss. Rishab disagrees and advises Karan to smile. However, Karan collides with Rajveer’s car while reversing his vehicle. Upon seeing Rajveer, Karan inquires whether the car belongs to the company, to which Rajveer confirms. Karan then promises to cover the damages and warns that the expense may be deducted from Rajveer’s salary. In response, Rajveer remarks that he may need the money. Subsequently, Rajveer departs, leaving Karan to speculate that Rajveer is harbouring a grudge against them. Rishab dismisses Karan’s suspicions and both of them leave the scene.

Sandy queries Shaurya about his rising temper. Shaurya gets up annoyed by Sandy’s questioning and declares that Preeta is no longer a part of his revenge game against Rajveer. Sanju arrives and greets Shaurya. Shaurya asks Sanju why he is here, and Sanju’s girlfriend explains that she invited him. Sanju offers Shaurya some beer, and he accepts. Sanju serves beer to Shaurya and Sandy, and they enjoy it while listening to music. Shaurya challenges his friends to a game of accuracy, where they have to throw the beer bottle into the dustbin. Palki spots Shaurya and his friends drinking outside the Gurudwara and confronts them. Palki stops the music and lectures Shaurya about the inappropriate behavior of drinking, playing loud music, and littering near the Gurudwara. Palki shows Shaurya and his friends some signboards and asks them to read them. Palki argues with Shaurya’s friends and teaches them some manners. Palki orders them to clean up before leaving and throws a beer bottle into the dustbin before leaving. Shaurya’s friends question his silence, and he reveals that he intends to use Palki to hurt Rajveer and that he will share his plan when it’s ready. Shaurya and his friends depart from the location.

Rajveer approached Preeta and Gurpreet, boasting about how he secured the deal. Though he only shared half of the story, Preeta was able to deduce the rest and informed Gurpreet. Rajveer confirmed that their company had won the contract, and Shailendra overheard and congratulated him. When Gurpreet asked Shailendra why he was there, he revealed that he needed their help for his daughter Palki’s engagement, to which Rajveer expressed his displeasure. However, Gurpreet agreed to assist on Rajveer’s behalf. Preeta and Rajveer then went to the temple to offer thanks and blessings.

Later, Rishab asked Karan about his thoughts, and Karan revealed his suspicion that Rajveer may have caused them losses due to his hatred for Shaurya. Karan believed that Rajveer always troubled Shaurya and Karan himself because of this animosity. Rishab advised Karan to stop playing detective and relax, as it was time for their conference call.

The article narrates a story where Preeta and Rajveer express gratitude to God. Preeta departs to obtain a coconut while Rajveer thanks God for assisting him in teaching a lesson to his mother’s adversaries. Preeta overhears Rajveer’s words and inquires about it. Rajveer deflects and provides an excuse to Preeta. Preeta suggests they assist with preparations for her engagement the following day. Meanwhile, Sandy asks Shaurya about his plan for Palki’s engagement. Shaurya reveals his plan to Sandy, and Sandy commends Shaurya for his idea.

[Episode End]

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