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Kumkum Bhagya 19 May 2023 Written Story Update

Kumkum Bhagya 19 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The story begins with Khushi asking Prachi to help release Ranbir from jail. Khushi asks Prachi to promise her, and Prachi agrees. Khushi then tells Meera to take her to an orphanage, while asking Prachi to inform the police that she went to the orphanage. Prachi agrees, and Khushi leaves for the orphanage with Meera.

Meanwhile, Rhea receives a call and learns that Ranbir has been arrested. She informs Pallavi about it. Ranbir asks the constable to keep an eye on the orphanage to ensure that Khushi is not mistreated again. The constable agrees, and Ranbir requests to make a phone call to his family. The constable agrees and leaves. Ranbir realizes that he needs to figure out how to find Khushi before Prachi does.

Prachi meets the inspector and expresses her desire to meet Ranbir. The inspector agrees and mentions that Prachi was right about Ranbir. He doesn’t understand how Ranbir manipulated Khushi, who was speaking in his favor. The inspector informs Prachi that Khushi went to the ashram with Meera, and Prachi thanks him for finding Khushi quickly. The inspector credits Akshay for everything that happened and suggests Prachi should thank him. Prachi agrees and asks if she can meet Ranbir. The inspector allows her to meet Ranbir in the waiting room.

In the waiting room, Prachi reflects on why Ranbir made this mistake and why his family supports him. Pandey brings Ranbir to the waiting room, where he sees Prachi and wonders why she came. Prachi asks him why he can’t change his ways and requests an apology. Ranbir insists that he didn’t make any mistakes and explains that he was taking Khushi to an orphanage when the police arrested him. Prachi questions why he lied to her, leading to an argument between them. Ranbir tells her that if she thinks talking to him is a waste, she should leave. Prachi reminds him that they are in a police station, not his house. Ranbir makes a comment and calls Pandey to take him back to his cell.

Pallavi and Rhea arrive at the police station and request the inspector to release Ranbir, but their request is denied. Rhea asks the inspector to let them meet Ranbir, and he agrees. Prachi notices Pallavi and Rhea and questions Pallavi about why she lied to her. Pallavi responds by saying that her lie didn’t harm anyone and turns the question back to Prachi, asking about the lies she told them. Prachi insists that she never did anything intentionally and accuses Pallavi of intentionally hiding the truth about Khushi. Pallavi remains silent. Rhea intervenes and asks Prachi not to speak to Pallavi in that manner. Prachi tells Rhea that Shahana was right, as she can never trust them because Ranbir matters more to them than she does. Rhea defends her family, stating that Prachi can say anything to her but she won’t tolerate any criticism of the Kohli family. Prachi asserts that if they made a mistake, they should face the consequences. Prachi leaves. The inspector tells Rhea and Pallavi that arguing with Prachi was a mistake since she is the one who can save Ranbir by withdrawing the case.

Pallavi and Rhea feel sorry when they see Ranbir in jail. Pallavi blames herself for the situation, but Ranbir tells her it’s not her fault. Pallavi believes that Ranbir is a blessing and decides to talk to Prachi and ask her to withdraw the complaint against him. However, Ranbir doesn’t want his mother to seek Prachi’s help. Rhea tells Ranbir that even the inspector mentioned that if they can convince Prachi to withdraw the complaint, he can be released from jail. Ranbir disagrees and asks them not to approach Prachi. Rhea suggests calling the lawyer instead, and Ranbir agrees to that idea.

[Episode End]

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