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Kumkum Bhagya 17 May 2023 Written Story Update

Kumkum Bhagya 17 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

Prachi enters the hall to find everyone waiting. Curious, she asks Shahana and Dadi why they are here. Dadi responds that they were concerned about her, so they decided to come along. Shahana mentions that Meera received a call from her warden, who informed her that Prachi was here, so they both joined her. Prachi wonders why they didn’t reveal the truth they discovered about Khushi and Ranbir to anyone. She ponders what they might be discussing. Shahana speculates that Rhea is probably aware of the truth, as they visited the orphanage and she may have found out.

Just then, the inspector returns, prompting Meera to ask if they have discovered anything. Ranbir questions why they’re talking as if Khushi is insignificant, as if she’s just some insignificant detail. He expresses frustration at their refusal to trust him despite his attempts to explain. Prachi walks past him and asks why he’s bringing up trust. Ranbir counters by asking why she distrusts him and acts strangely. Prachi is shocked and asks how he could say that he’s always honest and hasn’t done anything wrong. Ranbir responds by saying that Prachi doesn’t always tell him the truth either and tries to hide things.

The NGO officials announce their departure and request that the police inspector inform them if they uncover any information. Prachi exclaims that she doesn’t know what to say to any of them, as she’s accustomed to being hurt by her loved ones. Ranbir adds that he’s also used to being hurt by his loved ones, and now they’ve returned to inflict the same pain. Prachi calls out to Ranbir, explaining that she will pray to find Khushi because if she isn’t found, the person who took her will have to face the consequences. Ranbir suggests that she go and confront him at her own house. Angered, Prachi leaves with Dadi and Shahana.

Akshay anxiously waits for Prachi and eventually decides to make a phone call. He informs the person on the other end that he’s going to send a photo of a girl they need to find, urging them to do whatever it takes. He explains that this person has been investigating for a long time and is capable of handling the task.

Prachi returns with Dadi and Shahana, and Dadi asks Akshay why he’s present there. Prachi inquires about her uncle’s health. Akshay reveals that his father is doing fine and getting better, which is why he couldn’t resist coming there. Prachi acknowledges that there’s nothing more they can do at this point. She reminisces about the joyful moments she spent with Khushi, how the little girl always made her laugh. Akshay prays to God, hoping that Prachi’s happiness will be restored. He’s even willing to sacrifice his own happiness for her. Prachi stumbles, but Akshay quickly assists her, suggesting that she shouldn’t look at him like that, as he has only helped her as a friend and believes she deserves all the happiness in the world. Prachi goes to stand beside Dadi, who is crying. They all begin to walk towards the house. Meanwhile, Akshay ponders that he can’t express how much he loves her because he can’t afford to lose their friendship.

Khushi is playing while Rhea assists her. Khushi mentions that she’s excellent at playing hide and seek but has never played a game where nobody could catch her, making her the winner. Ranbir and everyone else remark that happiness has returned to the house because of Khushi. She asks where her room will be if she stays there. Rhea apologizes, explaining that she couldn’t arrange it today but promises that her room will be ready by tomorrow. Vikram calls Khushi over, explaining that she will live with them for the rest of her life and can sleep with him tonight. However, Pallavi interjects, suggesting that Khushi should sleep with her tonight. Khushi insists on sleeping with her father tonight and then with Dida, followed by Vikram uncle and finally Pallavi, as they all reside in the same room. Ranbir suggests that Khushi should always stay with him, as they’ll have a lot of fun together. Khushi agrees on the condition that he tells her stories, and Ranbir mentions that she must hug him tightly. They all joyfully dance together—Khushi, Ranbir, and Pallavi.

Akshay settles on the couch and decides to have some water before making tea for everyone. He offers to make tea but notices that Prachi is still tense. He walks over to her and assures her that there’s no reason to be worried because he will definitely bring Khushi back to her. Prachi asks how he plans to do it when nobody has any information. Akshay promises to bring Khushi back by tomorrow, emphasizing that she shouldn’t worry because he genuinely cares for her and will do whatever it takes. Prachi, holding his hand, thanks him, but Akshay says she has distanced him further by expressing gratitude. Prachi suggests she doesn’t want tea, and Akshay replies that they can have it later if she prefers. Prachi returns to her room.

Dadi asks Akshay if he truly meant every word or if he was just trying to calm Prachi down. Akshay sits in front of her and explains that he meant every single word he said. He reveals that Prachi is the focal point of his life at the moment, and if bringing Khushi back will make her happy, he assures Dadi that he will find her no matter where she is. Akshay advises Dadi not to worry, as he will do his best to locate Khushi. Dadi blesses him, and Akshay takes his leave.

Meanwhile, Ranbir is sitting on the bed with Khushi, telling her a story. He informs her that it’s time for her to sleep, but Khushi questions if the story ended so quickly. Ranbir asks what she means since he already told her the story, so she should sleep now. Khushi explains that she came to sleep with him so he could lull her to sleep. Ranbir wonders how else he can make her fall asleep when he has already read her a story. Khushi insists that he should sing and pat her head. Ranbir expresses uncertainty about his singing abilities, but Khushi insists, and he reluctantly agrees. Eventually, both Khushi and Ranbir fall asleep.

In her room, Prachi ponders the words of the NGO official, who claimed that Ranbir had lied to them. She reaches the height of her frustration when he mentioned having a DNA report. Prachi reflects on the fact that, for the first time, she doesn’t feel that Khushi is in danger. She recalls her initial intention to tell Ranbir the truth when she discovered it, but he didn’t do the same. She believes the reason she didn’t tell him was because she saw his happy family and realized he had built another family where there was no place for her. Prachi still wonders why Ranbir didn’t reveal the truth to her.

[Episode End]

Precap : Shahana reassures Prachi, urging her to continue trusting in God and Akshay, assuring her that something good will happen. Meanwhile, Akshay’s father approaches a man and inquires about Khushi’s whereabouts. The man responds, telling him not to worry as the police are vigilant and on the lookout. At the same time, Ranbir mentions that Khushi is currently asleep but insists on taking her to the orphanage immediately. However, as Ranbir attempts to leave, the police intercepts him, declaring that he is under arrest.

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