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Kumkum Bhagya 16 May 2023 Written Story Update

Kumkum Bhagya 16 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Ranbir embracing Prachi tightly, preventing her from catching sight of Khushi. Prachi pleads for him to release her, while Ranbir implores her not to let him go. In the midst of their embrace, they both experience a deep connection. Suddenly, Ranbir opens his eyes and subtly signals Khushi to make her escape. Prachi breaks free from the hug, puzzled by Ranbir’s behavior. He confesses that despite everything being in the past, he still feels something for her. Prachi, on the other hand, denies feeling any emotions. Ranbir agrees, pretending that he too didn’t feel anything. Prachi questions why he’s staring in another direction, and he replies that he deliberately avoids looking at her. Curious, Prachi inquires about the presence he’s focusing on. Ranbir insists that there’s someone nearby and assures Prachi that she shouldn’t be scared since he’s there for her. He claims to still see a ghost in the vicinity. Perplexed, Prachi asks where, prompting Ranbir to hurriedly conceal Khushi, who is attempting to flee. He confesses that he fabricated the ghost story to divert Parvati’s attention. Khushi conceals herself, and Prachi reassures Ranbir that there are no ghosts around. Approaching Ranbir, she tries to open the door, only to accidentally hurt his eye. Concerned, Prachi attempts to examine the injury, but Ranbir insists she keeps her distance.

Rhea enters the room carrying a glass of water and offers it to the Kohlis. Vikram comments that Rhea’s ability to deceive her own sister is a difficult task, acknowledging the strength she possesses. Pallavi expresses her remorse to Rhea and apologizes for Ranbir’s harsh words towards her. Rhea assures Pallavi that she understands Ranbir’s anger-driven outbursts and knows that he doesn’t mean them sincerely. She asks Pallavi not to feel hurt by his words. Suddenly, the doorbell rings, and Meera arrives accompanied by Dadi and Shahana. Pallavi mentions that they have come for the orphanage. Meera informs them that Khushi is missing. Vikram adds that the warden and Prachi are present. Dadi reveals that they also had intentions to adopt Khushi and shares that Pallavi had expressed her desire to adopt Khushi that day at the temple, even though she was unaware that Khushi was not Laali’s daughter. Dadi accuses them of planning to kidnap Khushi when they couldn’t adopt her legally.

Meanwhile, Ranbir informs Prachi that her saree’s edge accidentally hit his eye. Prachi gently blows on her saree and places it on Ranbir’s eye to soothe the discomfort. She suggests that they join the search for Khushi once he feels better. Pallavi confronts Shahana, questioning how she could accuse them. Dadi interrupts Shahana, preventing her from revealing that they are aware that Ranbir knows Khushi is his daughter. Meera urges everyone not to accuse each other, emphasizing their collective love for Khushi. She acknowledges that Khushi could be either present or absent. Pallavi insists that Khushi is not there. Shahana appeals to Rhea, asking her to understand Prachi’s situation and to disclose that Khushi is indeed present for Prachi’s sake. Rhea hesitates, and before she can respond, Dida contemplates Rhea’s words. An inspector arrives to search their house. Dida and Pallavi refuse to let him search and insist that Prachi and the warden are already searching the house. The inspector presents a search warrant and proceeds inside. Pallavi follows them, suggesting they should search Prachi’s house instead, confident that they will find Khushi there. Vikram tries to intervene, but Pallavi is adamant, expressing her frustration at having her house searched. The inspector questions Vikram about how he handles her, and Vikram promises to explain in his free time.

The inspector exits the house, and Vikram advises Pallavi not to overreact and to have faith in their son. Prachi attempts to open the door, while Ranbir discreetly looks in Khushi’s direction. Curious, Prachi questions Ranbir about what he’s staring at. Ranbir responds, claiming to see a ghost. Prachi inquires about its whereabouts, but before she can discover Khushi, Ranbir hears someone approaching and calls for help, stating that they are trapped inside. The inspector opens the door and asks if Khushi is present. Ranbir assures him that Prachi has already checked, confirming that Khushi is not there. Prachi concurs, affirming that Khushi is indeed not present. The inspector suggests they should search outside and departs. Prachi follows him, while Ranbir discreetly shuts the door and reveals to Pallavi and Vikram that Khushi is inside. Khushi emerges, and Pallavi embraces her tightly. Meanwhile, Prachi opens the door and observes Pallavi hugging Vikram. Ranbir jokingly comments on his parents’ inclination to display affection regardless of the location. Vikram explains that he is merely consoling Pallavi, who became emotional and concerned about Khushi. Ranbir assures them that Khushi will be found. Prachi walks away from the scene, and Ranbir conceals Khushi to prolong the hidden presence of Khushi.

[Episode End]

Precap : Ranbir confides in Prachi, sharing his own experiences of betrayal by his loved ones, wounds that have yet to heal. He expresses his frustration that those very same individuals have returned, causing further pain. Prachi responds by urging him to pray for Khushi’s safe return, emphasizing that whoever kidnapped or took her away will face the consequences of their actions.

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